I have no idea where I got this book, but it is so us.. my family.

Put It On The List is a children’s book about a family of chickens that has run out of things in their house (food, toilet paper, etc.). Naturally, momma chicken says to put (the item) on the list, but its soon forgotten.

One day the family has this, but not this. A reoccurring problem, even after Mom goes to the store. She buys all this stuff; most of it being stuff they don’t need or like, but there is always something forgotten, because it wasn’t on the list.

Eventually, the family see’s the importance of the list and starts helping mom with all the shopping.

My son loves this book; its something I’m always saying and now he says it too as soon as we run out of something. But half the time, whatever we really need is not on the list because I wasn’t made aware we needed it. I often forget my list and buy things I don’t need!

A very cute story. Five stars.