This is one book of many that I picked up on our trip in Gatlinburg, TN, from the Moon Pie General Store/Book Warehouse. I had no idea what it was about, I just loved the title.

My kids and I finally got around to reading it last night before they were sent to bed. It got some mixed reactions.



Caution: Spoilers ahead!






First off, this books is about these siblings, twins actually, that write about. Or about this sister that tricks her brother into giving her ideas for her to write down.

Violet asks her brother, Victor, to give her ideas for this book she is writing; telling him “one more line then you can go back and play.” Victor comes up with this great idea to write a story about something eating all these books that turns out to be a bookworm starved for a good story. Naturally, its Violet that saves the day with her awesome story writing skills.

I thought it was cute that they worked together to write this story. However, my 4 year old insisted that Violet was just using Victor to get a good story, just not in so many words. He thought she was mean and tricking him, just because she was “bigger.”

I loved the concept of the book worm just needing a good story though and the illustrations were adorable.

Together we rated the book four stars.