I was expecting this book to have an Accepted vibe; you know that 2006 release with Justin Long and Blake Lively.. where the kid couldn’t get into any college so he created his own? Yep, that is what I thought this books was going to be like.

I am happy to report that We Regret to Inform You: An Overachievers Guide to College Rejection was decidedly NOT like that movie.. much.



Misha, a promising senior at a prestigious private school, is rejected from every college she has applied to. After some digging, she discovers that her transcripts had been altered. But by who and for what reason?

There is a nice sense mystery mixed with a tad bit of romance in this YA novel. The main character had a great back story with the details into her culture/family roots. However, the supporting characters on the other hand were lacking.




Misha, our MC, isn’t so much an overachiever as she has all these expectations to live up to, or in her mind she does.

She applies to several different colleges and gets rejected by all of them, including her safety school, while other kids got accepted to schools they probably shouldn’t have.

She basically ditches most of her friends to hang out with this group of girls that may be able to help her with her problem. The only friend she really hangs on to from the beginning of the book is Nate, her love interest.

So Misha, Nate, and these three girls do some digging into what has happened with the grades and acceptance letters for students. Turns out the school changed them because Misha was poor and they wanted the students that could donate a lot of money to go off to great colleges, get great paying jobs, and donate tons money more when their children attend (hopefully) the same school. And none of the adults noticed this because they are oblivious.

Like I stated above, I was unhappy with the depth of the supporting characters. I was also unhappy how Misha ditched her friends and never really got back to being friends with them…. I did like the mystery and drama of the book, though.

I rated the books 3 stars.