I love books, I love holding physical books and I know every book nerd out there will agree with me about smelling them. If you don’t enjoy the smell of books what’s wrong with you? When digital books came out I was against it, I said I will never buy any of those because I enjoy having a real book in my hand. A few years ago I broke down and bought a Kindle Paperwhite. I was connected to Cherokee’s account so I always had books and never worried about running out of things to read while at work.

I still love my “real” books. I take turns, I will read a physical book and then a digital one then back to physical. You get it. Over the weekend I decided to try audio books. You guys…I am hooked. I love it! I was always so worried that I would never pay attention and wouldn’t be able to fall along with the story or what if I can’t stand the voice of the person reading it? That second one is a downfall, the second audio book I listened to I wasn’t enjoying the reader especially when she tried to deepen her voice for the males but I was still able to follow along while doing other things I normally can’t do while reading a book.  I am going to buy a new speaker so I can listen to it anywhere in the house and not carry my phone around with me and I am honestly so excited for it.

I am still going to take turns with my physical and digital books. I am currently reading a digital one while I have already listened to two audio books. During times I am able to have quiet time and sit with a book I will still rather read than listen. I just like the convenience of the audio books, I can clean and go from room to room with an audio book but I won’t want to curl up on the couch or listen to it in my bed.

Which do you prefer?