For the past couple years, my sister and I have been hosting a book exchange at least twice a year; sometimes around a holiday (Halloween, Easter, etc.) and sometimes just with a season (Spring, Autumn, etc.).56182837961__9864A1AF-F47F-445D-8F13-4CFAD496FD21

The “rules” are you bring one book to swap and it must be wrapped (because everyone loves unwrapping things). We always include children, they also must have a book to exchange, wrapped, as well. Books do NOT have to be new.

Then there is the food, drinks, games, and crafts.

IMG_3179Once we made book marks, this time we made “book bags.” We’ve done a Brunch theme with breakfast for lunch, that was probably one of my favorites, honestly.

I’d like to say we usually have a great turn out, but usually it’s just Darian and I, and we usually just trade our books, talk about books or movies, and how we have no friends.

This time, we had a few more participants so we rolled a die (one time each) and followed the directions: everyone pass to the left, take anyone’s book, keep your book, etc.)

IMG_3178IMG_3170 (1)IMG_3163

I love doing this, its a great way to get a book recommendation and to spend time with people that love books just as much as I do. Not only that, but it allows me to get rid of books that I may not have enjoyed as much, but someone else might or books that I really loved and want others to love, too.

We are already planning out next book exchange, for February 2019… we’re thinking “Blind Date with a Book.”

Have you, or would you, ever participate in a book exchange/swap?