I hope you have read our previous post on our book exchange, if not, what are you still doing here? Go check it out. But come back when you’re done.

I love having people over, in our younger days, Caspar and I would have people over weekly. I’m not a people person so it’s crazy that I enjoy house guest. Our Halloween Book Exchange was held at my house and I wanted us adults to have a fun craft to do as well. I went back and forth trying to figure out what is something easy we could do. So I went to Pinterest.

I don’t know about you but I love looking at Pinterest for things that I will probably never do. I found a craft with paper to make pumpkins, she took scrapbook paper, cut it into strips and stuck a wire through it, and boy, were her pumpkins adorable. I remember her saying one page of 12×12 paper will make one pumpkin.



She lied.




Everyone made fun of my pumpkin. It didn’t even look like a pumpkin! It flopped right over and one guest said it looked like an onion. Onion’s almost look like pumpkins.

So no one joined me with this craft because mine failed horribly. Everyone just stuck to the craft that was mainly for the kids.

I was not giving up. I wanted a house full of paper pumpkins with different designs. I needed this to work.

I used strong card stock paper that I cut into 1-inch strips. My paper was 8×10 but you can use any size you want. I used a thick wire that I believe is used for flowers. I got it from the dollar store months ago when I made a leaf crown for my Poison Ivy Costume, I used what I had left for this pumpkin. I made the holes at each end of the strips with a tack making the wire go through easier. Once I had each strip on the wire I flattened the bottom of the wire so my strips wouldn’t slide off from the bottom. Next you just fold over and slide the wire through the other side of the strip. You may need to move around your strips and can use more if you feel the need to.

And there you have it, I also twisted the wire underneath and on top of the strips to keep IMG_3162them in place. This one is smaller since I used smaller paper but it worked so much better than my last pumpkin. I plan on making more and cutting out leaves to add on top. Pinterest is so fun to skim through and I’m glad I didn’t give up on this little paper pumpkin.