I love reading; anything from Romance to Thrillers to Young Adult, whatever, I love it. If the book is written well enough, I can finish it in a couple hours and start the next one; if a book is written most excellently, I can finish it in a couple hours and mourn my characters before I start the next book… unless its a series.

I love physical books, I have two book cases full, of just my books. But I also love e-books; its so much easier for me to take my Kindle, or hell even just my phone, on trips with me and have hundreds of books at my disposal; when I’m lying down with my one-year-old, its easier to hold my phone and read than it is a physical book with a light.

Not to mention all the FREE books you can download; Amazon Prime First reads, Kindle Unlimited has a great selection, and most libraries have a section where you can “check out” e-books.

Sometimes, I get in this rut where nothing sounds great to read and I’m looking for something new, we’ve all been there I’m sure. So, one day as I was searching for new books I came across this website hiddengemsbooks.com


HiddenGems is a website that partners with authors and Amazon.com, to send out ARCs to a select group of readers (chosen from a pool of applicants for a particular book) to enjoy in exchange for an honest review on Amazon.com. Super Simple.

If you’re not sure what an ARC is, its an Advanced Review Copy of a book that hasn’t gone through the final stages of editing, but that the author would like some genuine feedback on. I love getting ARCs, whether from HiddenGems or the author themselves, its fantastic to be part of a small group getting to experience a book for the first time.

With HiddenGems, you sign up with your email address; choose your book preferences such as Young Adult, Horror, Cookbooks, Children’s Books, etc., there is no limit to how many genres you can choose; volunteer to review a book, again no limited to how many you sign up for; once you are accepted as a reader for (your) book, you will receive it via email, FREE, for you to download on your device; after reading, leave your review and select another book.

It’s super easy and something I participate in on a regular basis. Some of the awesome books I’ve had the privilege of getting an ARC for are:

  • Snipped by Lee Gabelsnipped
  • Snore Songs by Pamela Tomlin
  • Vampire Hunter by Kassandra Lynn
  • Into the Mists by Serene Conneeley
  • Dead End by Grace Hamilton & Jack Colrain deadend
  • Blossom and the Beast by R.S. McCoy
  • And many more


If you’re looking for a way to get books without forking over a bunch of cash, this is a great way and you’re helping out authors in the process.

Oh! I almost forgot! If the book is book two or so in a series, you will usually get a copy of the first book as well, that way you’re all caught up! Amazing, right?

Head on over and sign up today.

If you’re an author, HiddenGemsBooks also has information/resources to help you get your books going; self-publishing, tax tips, marketing tips, etc.