It’s Book Talk Tuesday! There’s a Monster In Your Book by Tom Fletcher is a book that I believe is a must on every child’s bookshelf. And if it’s not on your bookshelf I hope you check it out from the library at least more than once. It’s adorable and it get’s kids into reading by having them interact with the book. The kids move the book to one side then the other, spin it around to make the monster dizzy, they even get to tickle the monster. The goal of the book is to get this monster out of the book, considering he’s eating the pages once you open the cover, I don’t see that as a bad thing.


My kids loved this book, my daughter especially because she was old enough to understand the ways to get him out of the book. When I ordered this book, I ordered through a scholastic order with her school, I wasn’t able to get it on time because it was such a hit they ran out. It’s one I hope everyone reads at least once.