Everyone knows the story of Dracula, or at least they think they do.

You may have watched several movies “about” dracula or read books that mention him…. but have you read the original? The classic Dracula by Bram Stoker?


***Possible Spoilers Ahead***


I recently just finished. I’m not going to lie, it was long and boring. Had I been around when this book was first written, you know 1897, I would have loved it, I’m sure.

However, having read it in 2019 I just… I don’t know. I didn’t not like it, it was just boring. This is what stood out to me most, or at least what I was thinking during my reading:

  • Blood transfusions.. while started in 1628, or round about there, how did they know that their blood would work for poor Lucy? I guess they figured it wouldn’t hurt….
  • Van Helsing is way overrated. He doesn’t actually kill a vampire until 97% of the way through the book.
  • They all, particularly Van Helsing, talk way to damn much.
  • If they stopped “beating around the bush” and just said what they mean, a lot of stuff could have been avoided.
  • Mina is the greatest character in the book.
  • Where is Dracula? He barely made an appearance. With all the hype, I figured he would have been more active in the book.
  • What is the deal with the sister wives?
  • Dracula actually said “blah.” That is the best.
  • Wtf. That ending!



Let me explain some of those a bit more.

Dracula is really only in the first few chapters, and he’s gross. Then he’s gone for a bit, then randomly appears and then he’s dead. No real big struggle or anything. Major let down.

I’m glad he wasn’t sparkling or forever young and handsome, that the blood of his victims kept him young. That’s what vampires are supposed to be. Scary. Monsters.

Seriously. Van Helsing. The rest of then. Shut up. Say what you mean and move on. Maybe pay better attention while you’re at it. How did you not know Mina was Dracula’s latest meal?

Speaking of Mina. Her husband is ill after returning from Transylvania, her best friend died, she is a vampires dinner and is turning into a vampire, but still stands tall. She is by far the strongest character in the book and the most likeable. I can see how all those men loved her in some way.

Abraham Van Helsing, as I have known him [before reading Dracula] is a hack. He doesn’t kill the first vampire and again doesn’t do any real action until 97% of the way through the book when he almost backs out. And it wasn’t Dracula! It was the sister wives, the second time we meet them in the book. Van helsing doesn’t kill Dracula!! Johnathan and Quincey do! Like I said, Van Helsing is totally overrated and half a hack.

All that being said, I loved the way it was written from everyone’s POV via journal entries and the like. Definitely a classic horror story. I plan on finding the sequel, Dracula the Undead, by Bram Stoker’s nephew Dacre Stoker as well as figuring around where Alucard comes in at (that’s supposedly Dracula’s son, in case you didn’t know).




Have you read this cult classic? What are you thoughts??