“You cannot kill what is already dead.”


Need a recap of my my review of the the first book, Three Dark Crowns?

***Spoilers Ahead***

**Possible Rant Ahead**

I started this book (second in the series) with a strong dislike for Joseph and Mirabella, and something like sympathy… more pity, for Katherine. I honestly wanted Katherine to be the crowned queen in the beginning.

And then I kept reading and everything I once thought was blown to pieces, naturally.

So… Katherine lives being thrown off the cliff by Pietyr… or something returns in her body anyways. Only everyone seems too scared, or even too self absorbed to care. Except for Pietyr.

Pietyr climbs into the chasm to see if he can figure out what happened to Kat. I didn’t think he was going to make it out alive. After finishing the book, I’m wondering if he actually did. Maybe he is Undead like Katherine? *gasp*

Back to Katherine…. What ever has returned in her body is evil, doing whatever she can to ensure she is crowned, eating all this poisoned food without care of what it’s doing to her body. So much so, that her body is now poison and she killed a mainlander by touching him. What does this mean for her future?

Poor Arsinoe and Jules.

Jules eventually forgives Joseph and makes up with him. He dies at the end of book two, I’m so glad. He was not a likeable character, in my opinion. And now Jules in able to go on her own path away from his and Arsinoe, as this legion cursed warrior. I think it will be good for her.

Arsinoe has lost her sweet little sister (Kat), as well as her two best friends, Jules and Joseph. Her, Billy, and Mirabella made it through the crazy goddess mist and are going to the mainland to start a new life in hiding. I’m glad she has made up with one sister and has Billy. Her and Billy are cute together. They are by far my new favorite characters.

Mirabella. I loathed her. Now, however, I can totally agree that she was meant to be queen, as much as I think Arsinoe should be. She probably would have been if it hadn’t been for everyone’s interference. I’m not sure what the mainland holds for her future, but I’m sure it’s good things.


Miss Blake continues to do a fantastic job with her character dynamic. She pulls you in, making you feel what the characters feels, creating connections with them.

There is so many emotions running wild, as well as conniving plans, fighting, and bloodshed.

I can’t get enough of these book. I’m ready, and not ready, for book three.

I rated this book four stars.