Today, we set out to do a Book Shelf Scavenger Hunt! I want to know what (where) you are hiding on your shelves.

You can print the scavenger hunt out here: Book Shelf Scavenger Hunt 2019

I did the hunt for books with my 5 year old first. It was a little difficult, but we made it work.


  • A book with a girl’s nameDick & Jane
  • A book about nature: The  Very Hungry Caterpillar –yeah, I gave him that one, it’s sort of about nature…
  • Two blue books: Fish Jam and Sheep in a Jeep
  • A book with an animal in the title: Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See
  • Three books that start with the first letter of your name: A – All the World’s Asleep, Are You My Mother?, and A Baby is Born
  • A book with a number in the title: Five Fast Tales
  • top favorite: Put It On The List
  • cookbook: Paula Deens My First Cookbook
  • A book with a boy’s name: Luke Skywalker’s Amazing Story
  • A book of poetry: 365 Fairy Tales: Stories and Rhymes – He said most poems rhyme so he’s counting it as a poetry book
  • dictionary: French-English Dictionary – This one he borrowed from my shelf 😉
  • A book you haven’t read: Pokémon Book of Alola
  • Last book on your shelf: Giant Fold-out Book of Machines
  • A book made into a movie: The Lorax
  • scary/horror: The Beast
  • Based on a true story: Apples and How They Grow – He chose this book because apples growing is a true story so… yep.
  • Written by an author with your initials: Little Blue Truck – We didn’t have book with his first and last initials, but the author of this one (Alice) starts with an A
  • Graphic Novel: Lego Batman Trouble in Gotham City
  • Two with people on the cover: I am a Big Brother and I Love You Through and Through
  • Collection of stories: Giant Book of Might Machines – He chose this one because there are different stories for the different vehicles


My kids had a lot of fun hunting for books. I think it was mainly the fact they got to scatter them through-out the house, but still.

I also worked it into our homeschool curriculum; reading, recognizing words/letter sounds, colors, etc. And of course, the giant stack of books to read… 24 to be exact.

I’ll go through my shelves later and share it to Social Media. =]

Don’t forget to show us your bookstacks after you’ve completed the scavenger hunt!