Six feet apart. No exceptions.

Stella Grant, in and out of the hospital with Cystic Fibrosis since she was six. She must keep herself away from anyone or anything that may pass along an infection, destroying her chance of a much need lung transplant.

Stella, meet Will; a rebel that couldn’t care less about his treatments, or this new clinical drug trial he is lucky to be apart of. Once he’s eighteen, he’s out of here. Exactly what [Stella] needs to stay away from.


I was recommended Five Feet Apart as a book that would make me cry. I had never heard of it before June – I think it was. I’ve seen mixed reviews regarding this book, but I’m glad I picked it up.

This is the first book I’ve read that is based on a film instead of the other way around… I went into this book expecting to get a The Fault In Our Stars vibe. And it kind of did.

I thought the characters had a decent amount of depth and feeling. However, the story didn’t draw me in for several chapters; maybe because it’s based on a screenplay? Maybe it was trying to hard to be sad?

I thought the romance was cute even for insta-love, though maybe a bit forced at times. I hated how Stella was so quick to throw away her own well-being for Will, after working so hard for so long.

I was upset they killed off Poe, Stella’s bestfriend and my favorite character. The only gay (main) character in the book and he dies so Stella can have some sort of epiphany, on Will’s birthday no-less, right after he gets back together with the love of his life.

I loved that the book dealt with Cystic Fibrosis. I knew next to nothing about CF when starting this book, and it had gotten me researching to better understand the illness (which is really what it’s all about). I do believe that the illness was romanticized – like most things are when in a YA novel – because really? These kids with CF, almost no lung function, ran up multiple flights of stairs? Okay.

Despite all the negatives. It did tug on my heart strings. It made me smiles in places. I could read the book again. Plus, I have to give it a bit extra because Cole Sprouse is a cutie. 😉

All in all, I rated the book four stars.

Everyone in this world is breathing borrowed air.