**This post is full of spoilers. Please keep this in mind as you read on.**

  1. Darkness Brutal
  2. Darkness Fair
  3. Darkness Savage

Let’s start out with trigger warnings for this series:

  • Attempted rape
  • Attempted suicide
  • Depression
  • Murder
  • All things religion

I’m not going to lie, the first book sounded good when I was searching Kindle Unlimited, but it seemed to drag on. It didn’t help that I couldn’t pronounce a good portion of the words.

Older brother must protect younger sister from demons that marked her nine years ago. His mother was a sacrifice to said demons. Oh! There’s also a love triangle thrown in the mix, Aidan with his “hero complex.”

Aidan’s father is from the past and is none other than Daniel, you know… Daniel and the Lion’s Den. Mhm. He spends a good portion of the book keeping secrets and trying to figure out who he is. He crushes on two girls, Rebecca and Kara. He has more of a connection with Kara, due to the fact she also has a curse that helps awaken his powers.

Aidan’s powers are similar to Daniels. He knows things. And can apparently breathe under water, heal quick, raise the dead, and kill demons.

Ava is a nephlim… her dad is some angel but she can choose either good or evil. She choses to go with the demons, believing she is saving Aidan (and herself), by going willingly. She seems a bit unhinged. The demon attempts to cut out her heart; Aidan and his mother’s ghost stops the demon, but not before he stabs Ava. At the end of book one, she is in some weird stasis.

Basically, book two, while slightly better than the first, is Aidan dying… Kara dying.. Rebecca saving Kara and Aidan finally bringing Ava back to life.

Aidan brings himself back to life.

Apparently, Rebecca was Aidan soul mate. Sid (another prophet from Daniel’s time) messed that up by putting the curse on Kara. Kara’s body can’t handle Aidan’s power, but Rebecca’s can since she was blessed. Well, Rebecca passing this blessing onto Kara, thus saving her life so she can be with Aidan. Now Rebecca is free to do whatever, her connection to Aidan successfully transferred.

After all the warnings Aidan received, he still resurrects Ava. But, Ava is still unhinged and has gone to the dark side; she kills her angel father, releases demons and then they start murdering people.

And then there’s book three….

Ava is definitely unhinged, demons roam the town, and everyone dies. Well, almost everyone.

Rebecca turns out to be a witch, a green witch more specifically. Aidan’s mom helps protect her from Hunger (the demon that’s been after here) and jump starts her powers. With her connection to Aidan no longer romantic, Rebecca falls in love with someone else.

Aidan dies. Then, I assume God, sends his spirit back to his body and he lives. He successfully kills Ava, stabs her face, and closes the portal that the demons were using, thus saving the day.

The book ends with Rebecca going to visit her grandmother she didn’t know she had, to learn more about her witchy powers. And with Aidan being in love with Kara at his grandmother’s house. Oh, and he speaks with Ava’s ghost… apparently she isn’t evil as a ghost.

All in all, I rate the series 3 stars. Its definitely dull at times and it was a struggle to get through it, but was a bit interesting.. a tad rushed at the end.

If you’ve started this series but can’t quite finish it, I hope this spoiler review helps you. 🙂