This past weekend, the family and I packed up and headed south a ways to Falmouth, KY. We camped at the Lake Kincaid State Park.

We were told by my husbands cousin that we were lucky to get a site so last minute. I guess this time of year its pretty busy… not this weekend. In the primitive section that we booked, we were one of maybe 10. It was great!

I ended up booking site T71, did not know it was primitive at the time, but honestly.. I didn’t care (we’ve been primitive before). Our site was tucked in a corner away from most others [mostly because it was empty], it was almost like we had multiple sites, and the lake & bathrooms/showers were only a short walk away.

If primitive isn’t your thing, they have water hookups & full hook ups, as well as sites for RVs.

It was pretty inexpensive. For the two nights we stayed it was $50. Check in was 3pm and check out was noon.

The general store was lacking in inventory, but what they did have wasn’t expensive. A bundle of fire wood was $6, remember you cannot bring your own and you cannot collect it from the woods! If the general store doesn’t have what you need, Wyatt’s [grocery] is about 15 or so minutes away in town.

As for things to do…

Well! There’s the lake! You can bring your own boat/kayak, but the also rent a variety of boats from paddle to pontoon, for a decent price. We looked into the pontoons and it was about $160 for the day which is about $200 less than the one we rented for the 2017 solar eclipse.

Where there is a lake, there is fish. You can fish off the docks or right off the shore. Be sure to bring your own equipment! They only sell bait and tackle at the camp ground.

There are three playgrounds for children. One in back, two towards the front. My boys loved the one next to the general store. They are each filled with swings and slides.

One of the parks is near the recreation building. There, you can play basketball tennis, and mini golf. The mini golf was nice, but would benefit from a little TLC, but for $3 I’m not complaining.

Also near the rec. building, is a trail head. There are supposedly two trails; Ironwood and Spicebush. 1.5 miles and 1 mile depending on which one you choose to hike. The trails were really overgrown, which I can sort of understand, but they also were not marked very well, we followed what signs there were, but I honestly couldn’t tell you which trail we hiked.

That being said… even over grown the trail/nature was beautiful. We ended up seeing three deer on the hike and well as a variety of birds and insects. Off the trail, we ended up seeing somewhere are 30 deer and one turkey. It was amazing.

If the nature doesn’t do it for you, there is also a pool next to the general store.

The pool is a nice size, I believe it is Olympic sized. They also have a smaller, shallow (1 foot deep) pool for the younger children. There is bathrooms and showers at the pool, as well as a concession stand that sells icecream bars and slush puppies. Plenty of parking. It’s about $5 per person for the pool, you get a discount if your camping.

The pool overlooks the lake.

And if you really don’t want to do any of that… The park does offer wifi for about $4 a day. I couldn’t tell you know the service is, since I didn’t opt for it considering our vehicle has a hotspot in it

If your looking for a delicious place to get BBQ, the Smoking Pig is the place to go! They have a location in Falmouth as well as Butler, carry out or dine in. We stopped at the Butler location, seriously delicious. And the staff was amazing! The were super nice and personable, the restaurant was decorated beautifully, and it was really clean. Oh! And they had a playground! The kids could work up a bigger appetite before the food arrives.

If your not one for BBQ or cooking while camping, in town there are pizza locations and well as a McDonald’s. More depending on which way you go when you leave the campground.

Everything was clean and beautiful. I will definitely consider going back, the kids have already asked if we can go back next summer.