Caution: Spoiler’s ahead.

Storm Siren I originally thought this book was going to be about a powerful mermaid. Siren’s are mermaids, no mermaids appear in this book. It’s about this girl named Nym who is an ‘Elemental,’ which is someone who can do magic. She is mentioned in the book as a Uathuil also, which is someone who has special abilities like Nym. There’s different names for all of them but I think she settled with calling everyone a Uathuil so she wouldn’t have to explain each persons abilities. Nym is able to create very powerful storms, I thought it was cool she is able to create lightening.

Elemental’s become extinct from a law created by the Draewulf, he’s a powerful wizard and we don’t hear much about him until the end. He wanted all Elemental’s dead because only an Elemental can kill him, not many kingdoms knew about this. Elemental’s were mainly born male, a female was unheard of so when Nym was born she was spared. At five her parents die and she becomes a slave Nym is bought and sold to many families. The author doesn’t mention much of this, she’ll occasionally say something was like this owner or another. Which I don’t think was necessary.

Nym is bought by this rich woman, Adora, who goes out looking for Uathuil’s because she is determined they will stop the war going on between her kingdom Faelen and Bron. Bron is winning fast, so Faelen honestly doesn’t have any other options. But this bother’s Nym, she doesn’t want to be used as a weapon. Like most people she wishes there was a way to stop the war without violence.

Now on to the love interest, Eogan is Nym’s trainer. He is teaching Nym and Colin, the other Uathuil Adora owns, to control their abilities. Colin is able to control the earth, move large boulders, create giant cracks into the ground, things like that. Reminds me of an Earth Bender from Avatar: The Last Air Bender. Although I really liked Colin, he’s not the one Nym falls in love with. She falls for Eogan. (I have read that his name is pronounced like Owen, this I am not 100% sure is correct but sounds better than how I was originally saying his name.) It’s through Eogan that we learn more information about the Draewulf and his daughter because Eogan has some deep secrets. I thought that maybe he was the Draewulf, part of me was hoping he was. I did like their love interest because he is the one helping her control her abilities and tries to help her realize she’s not this monster who needs to be killed off for what she can do.

As Bron’s army closes in Adora sends Nym and Colin off to end this war, Nym doesn’t follow Adora’s plan. Which was to destroy a hide out of the Bron army. Now it’s time for the big spoilers, this is where we find out that Eogan is the lost prince of Bron. He left because he realized what a monster he was and his brother took over the country. We also learn that Adora was wanting Nym to kill the king of their own kingdom. Adora was also working with the Draewulf who appears at the end, but I wasn’t sure if she was wanting the king dead for her own benefit or if it was for him. Everyone Nym loves is starting to die from either Draewulf or this war. She’s fighting hard to save everyone but as she is doing this Draewulf is trying to kill Eogan. She can either save him or save their kingdom.

I gave this book four stars. I loved Colin, I liked that there was something strange with Adora but I couldn’t figure out what it was. I was also wrong about Eogan’s secrets, so the book wasn’t so predictable. I thought Nym was a bit bad ass, she can create hurricanes. She could be in charge of all of these kingdoms if she wanted because of how powerful she can be. Despite of all this power she is trying to save people, not only in her kingdom but others. Her goal was not to kill the Bron army and she was able to save many of them.