Caution: Spoilers Ahead

First off: I didn’t enjoy this book.

Yeah, I’m a bit disappointed. I really liked the first book, Storm Siren but this one was a drag. At the end of the first book we find out Nym did not kill Draewulf, he is alive and inside Eogan’s body. With this I was just “Oh, no.” Everyone was dead, I honestly thought: “What’s the point?”

Skip to a few chapters later and we find out that Eogan is still alive, barely, but he’s still fighting. Which is great. However Nym has lost her powers. Which I think is what really ruined the book for me. She is no longer a bad ass chick who can fight, I felt her as weak. I understand she didn’t want to kill the man she loved but I don’t feel she really fought for him until the end.

With Draewulf inside of Eogan he flies over to Bron to rule as king. Nym sneaks onto the ship with Rasha, Rasha was barely mention in the last book but has more of a role in this one. Along with Myles, who convinces the Bron guards that he brought Nym aboard as his guest. I felt most of this book was just used a fillers, she had a great ending but nothing to really lead up to it. Nym goes to this witch for new powers, she believes this will help save Eogan. The new magic inside her is dark, but no one really explains it. They all just tell her she shouldn’t have done it.

Not much happens for most of the book, well nothing exciting. Some of it is repeated, for example Nym mentions her deformed hand a lot. Draewulf has the Bron council convinced he is Eogan, he brings in his daughter Isabel and their ‘Dead Army,’ this doesn’t raise as many questions as it should. Sure, he threatened to kill anyone who disagreed with him but even after Nym told someone he is the Draewulf nothing was done. No one came up with a plan to fight him. No one, other than him, had a plan during the entire book. Like I said before, she didn’t really fight for Eogan.

Near the end, they are on another airship towards the kingdom Tulla. We know that Draewulf plans to kill the kings so he can become human again but there’s more to it. Nym tried to free Eogan with her new abilities but is lead to believe he is fully taken over by Draewulf. Once the Dead Army began to attack Tulla, Nym begins to fight against Draewulf to officially kill him. She comes close, but once she see’s him start to look human and weak she backs off, she wants him to change. She thinks if she doesn’t kill him he will change his mind and try to use all of his powers for good.

There’s a third book, it’s not going to happen. After seeing Eogan’s dead body laying on the ground from Draewulf leaving his body Nym tries to fight harder. Her Elemental abilities come back, so now with both hers and the dark magic in her she is twice as powerful. However it’s hard for her to control and she almost kills the people of Tulla by trying to save them. Nym is able to force out the magic from the witch, which Myles takes control of. At this moment I thought maybe she was going to kill the Draewulf and Myles will be our villain in the next book. Draewulf absorbs the blood from the King of Tulla and is off to the next kingdom with Princess Rasha.

What aggravated me was Eogan is now alive again. He tells Nym that he pretended to become weaker because the Draewulf was starting to let go of him anyway. He is still weak and unable to fight because the Draewulf did absorb all of him but not all. He explains to Nym about the Kings Blood connections to the kingdoms. Draewulf needs to absorb them all so he can become immortal and be the only ruler of all the kingdoms. I’m glad Eogan is alive but his guards didn’t question anything at all. They did find out it was really the Draewulf inside him but I wasn’t expecting them to just be okay with things.