**Major Spoilers ahead!**

The first book was really well written, I enjoyed it very much. But the second book.. eh. The third… was a bit better.

So, in book one Scarlett’s sister, Tella, tricks her/kidnaps her to go to Caraval… the mystic magic show put on by Legend. All for a good cause, because she doesn’t want her to marry a strange man she’s never met, even if it means getting away from their abusive father – who is more abusive since their mother disappeared.

Great! Yeah.. no.

Scarlett watches her sister fall to her death, falls in love with the guy who helped kidnap her [Julian], and wishes her sister back to life.

They do all this magic to basically make people go crazy. And everyone lies or keeps secrets. ALL. THE. TIME.

No. Julian is not Legend. But, he is Legends brother.

Legend is actually Dante…. whom Scarlett was supposed to fall in love with, but Tella did… but throughout the second book, Tella has a somewhat complicated romance with both Legend and the Prince of Hearts.. who Tella may be his one true love.

Yeah, a love Triangle.

So, Legend claimed to be the long lost heir to the kingdom, in order to keep power. He’s kind of an ass like that. But the fates are escaping, taking their magic with them. Oh, and they are also trying to kill Tella, but not entirely sure on why.. I guess because they feed on her fear?

Anyways, by the third book, Scarlett develops these “powers” to see and manipulate peoples/fates emotions. Get this, her real father is the Fallen Star. The one who created the rest of the Fates. Like, woah.

She tricks him, he feels love (which is the only way to turn an immortal human so they can be kilked) and Tella stabs him.

Legend finally falls in love with Tella and becomes Mortal. – Honestly, I was rooting for Jacks…. I liked him more I guess.

Scarlett, seeing as how she was a princess.. is a princess? Becomes the next Empress. Because I guess her mom was the previous Empress’ lost daughter.

Julian and Scarlett get engaged.

Legend and Tella plan to run off together… they promised their.childs secrets in exchange for secrets of the Fallen Stars, enter new series here.

Throughout the whole series, I had/have a strong dislike of Tella. A small dislike of Julian. And Legend… hm. But I eventually warmed up to Julian a bit, never really did Tella or Legend. I actually liked the Prince of Hearts, or Jacks, more. Sure he was a deceiver and whatnot, but he also always seemed to want to help. My heart broke for him. I think he could have learned to love Tella, oh well.

I rate the entire trilogy about three stars. ☆☆☆

Book one was written wonderfully. With book too it seems things were put together hastily. Book three has its ups and downs.