If you follow us on Instagram, then you may have heard that my husband and I recently purchased a new-to-us, 1990 Fleetwood Terry travel trailer.

It needs… a little TLC; I’ve laughably been calling my renovation project “The Curse of 1990.” Partly because I enjoy the Rotation song by the same name, and partly because it’s a 1990 model that seems to have a new issue every time I go to do something else to it. So, the project name works.

Naturally, we purchased the camper from the side of the road, paying more than we probably should have, so it didn’t come with a user manual. Bummer. I scoured the internet searching for a manual for this specific camper. I couldn’t find one. On a few forums, I was told that the trailer I purchased was “ancient” (which makes me feel slightly old, by the way) and I could use any user manual available for any camper, because all campers are essentially the same.

Yeah, I’m not sure about that…

I finally broke down and called Fleetwood RV, looking for the user manual. Fleetwood RV is the original manufacturer of the Terry and even though they no long make travel trailers, I thought it might be worth a shot to call them. I am so glad I did, I should have just called them from the beginning. The woman I spoke to took my information and within 30 seconds of me telling her what I needed, she had it pulled up and emailed to me shortly after.

Turns out the user manual is 78 pages… short reading material – if it was something that I actually enjoyed reading. But, nonetheless, it’s something I need to read, so I’m going to put on my big girl pants and check it out next week while I’m away on my trip (Bahamas, here I come!)

We’ve had the camper for a few weeks, and I’ve worked on the project here and there.

Half the trailer is without electricity, all the beds and cushions need to be replaced, there is a leak in the roof, the floor needs to be repaired, at least one wall, new window treatments, paint, and like I said, the list gets longer every day.

Even with everything that is wrong with it and everything I’d like to add (as a potential living quarters), I’m hoping to keep “The Curse of 1990” on a tight budget.. what that is, I don’t know. However, I plan on checking out all the contractor sales near me, as well as Facebook Market Place. And lets not forget the Dollar Tree, remnant fabric at craft stores, etc.

I’ve also been looking for channels to follow, for useful information, on youtube. Wishing HGTV would have shows for campers/rvs that they do for homes; instead of Curb Appeal, maybe Park Appeal? My Home On Wheels?


I will be posting project updates, when I actually accomplish something, via Instagram and Twitter, as well as posting here to the blog. Please follow along to see how our project progresses. If you have tips, tricks, or other wisdom to share about renovation, RVs, etc.; please do not hesitate to share. I could use all the help I can get! I actually have no prior experience with camper trailers (other than sleeping in them) but this is mainly MY project so wish me luck. 😉

Until then!