I’ve had this book on my “To Be Read” list for a little while when I saw that it was available for download through Kindle Unlimited. Of course, I downloaded it with enthusiasm.

Not saying the book was awful, but I’m really glad I didn’t purchase it, because it was not what I thought.


For most people, 
March 29th is just another day.
For me, it’s the day I wake as someone new.
different face and different hands, 
a body that’s not my own.
And like every year, I’m only certain of three things.

It’s my seventeenth birthday.
I have no way of stopping this cycle.
And I’ll die again in 364 days.
This year, I’m Effy Garcia.
Something is different.
Something I can’t yet place.
Since the year 1909, 
I have lived in 108 bodies and I have died 108 times. 

Could this life be my last?


I thought this book sounded amazing! And while it was good, it left me wanting more!

Absolutely loved the idea of this person being “reincarnated,” or soul-jumping, every day, as someone new, always 17, having to figure out who they are, then dying again before their next birthday.

I enjoyed the main character’s attitude toward her predicament in the beginning of the book and how her relationships grew. That maybe for once, in her entire 109 lives, she found something she wasn’t ready to lose.

Was not fond of Ayden in the beginning either, I guess I sort of warmed up to him once he stopped being so… cowardly, for lack of a better word. Michael, Effy’s dad, in the other hand… he was probably my favorite character. He believed her story about being someone else stuck in his daughters body, let her stay, and treated her like his own. It was beautiful.

The POV is most Effy, with two chapters being in Ayden’s POV.

Riad did a great job in how she wrote the book though. I felt the emotions, the heartbreak and anguish.

There were some holes in the plot, but nothing glaringly obvious I suppose. That ending though, while wrapped up and happy, it was too much.. I couldn’t get on board with it…

Possible trigger warnings:

  • Death
  • Talk or act of suicide
  • Alcohol dependency
  • Bullying
  • Abuse
  • Divorce
  • Diverse religions

Overall, it was good YA paranormal romance, with a pretty unique storyline. 2.5 stars