Head for your bunkers, tell your loved ones what they mean to you, ZOMBIES ARE TAKING OVER THE WORLD!! Well, sort of, in a way they kind of are. Zombies are everywhere these days; books, cartoons, music, movies, etc. No matter where you turn, oh a Zombie dance, oh another Zombie movie. Trust me, I get it. Zombies are fascinating creatures. But did you ever wonder where it all started?

The Ultimate Guide to Zombies is not the ultimate book on Zombies, but it’s a good place to start, with all its facts and listings of additional resources.

This book is a quick rundown that goes through the Zombie timeline, introducing them from the early 1900’s. I wasn’t super surprised that Zombies went back that far, but how the “Zombie Virus” spread is another story.

Robertson told the tale of the first Zombies well. I had always assumed that they came from an old voodoo tale, but to hear actual account? Wow! Learned something new to add to my Zombie Knowledge Vault.
Robertson also does a good job describing the differences of one Zombie to the next. Noting the similar and the subtle differences as well, starting from the first Zombie film to new modern ones. Who knew that there were so many different types of Zombies?? Shamblers, runners, etc.

He goes into detail about the rules of Zombidom, because lets face it… there HAS to be rules, but they are more like guidelines, allowing the reader/viewer to have their own ideals. Like the 28 Days Later debate, mhm, yep, I went there… it’s not a true Zombie flick. Sorry, not sorry.

My favorite thing about this guide, was the mention of Zombie related things, outside of movies, Robertson had done his research and compiled a bunch of events, drinks and music all centered around Zombies. I knew of some these, like the classic Thriller and my town does its own Zombie Walk downtown, and my personal favorite is the Zombie events around Halloween, shooting Zombies with paintball gun? Count me in!!!

The authors writing style for his target audience, and his subject matter, was spot on. I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars. I recommend reading this, to everyone. Even if Zombies aren’t really your thing, but are interested in the history of the movement and how it has evolved, it is worth the read. And if you consider yourself an expert at all things Zombie, definitely a book to add to your collection!