*This is a spoiler and opinion post.*

Spoilers ahead!




Book one: Heart of Thorns

I loved the idea of the book, love it. Not a huge fan of the execution though. The gist of it: mother is a “demon” eldest daughter hates demons (Mia) and father is a demon slayer… more or less. Mother died, daughter wants vengeance. But, her dad is being black mailed into having to wed the prince, Quin. After a lot of words, they finally make it to the alter and Quin gets shot, an arrow through the chest, and arrow meant for Mia. She pulls him into the secret tunnels and saves his life because she is *shocker* a demon as well. Come to find out, they are angels, witch things, not demons after all. Mia and Quin escape and head to the land of the half angels. One of the women that she trusts agrees to go back to the kingdom that wants these demons dead after Mia gets a threat towards her sister. Surprise, there isn’t really a threat. Mia’s sister, Angelyne, is homicidal and crazy, the woman Mia trusted is actually a traitor and was helping his sister all along. They killed the king and queen and now the sister will rule. Oh and Mia faked her death…. just like her mother!! 
Everyone is the book seems to be homosexual, and it’s hard to get a read on them. There are so many partner swaps or relationship changes, it’s slightly disconcerting. 

Book two: Tears of Frost

Angelyne is still crazy. Mia has made it to the Snow Queendom and has found a replacement for Quin, or she tries anyway… she seems to always go back to him.  She is still looking for her Mother that she knows now is not dead. Quin has made it to the Snow Queendom with a replacement for Mia. He is hoping to get help from the Queen, but its really just a lie. 
The girl Quin is now gallavanting with, Pilar, is Mia’s sister she didn’t even know she had. *rolls eyes.*Mia was tricked and her mother is just… lame. Pilar wants to be loved, tries stealing Quin in the first book, successfully steals him in this book, because guess what!? Quin knew that Mia was alive!! Anyways, I have a love hate thing with Pilar. At the end of the book, her and Mia have some sort of kinship after seeing each others haunting memories. Quin, decides to take matters into his own hands and steals some stones from Angie and collides them, making a giant explosion. He doesn’t want any of the sisters and goes back to the River kingdom. Does he become a threat/enemy of Mia and Pilar?? Mia finds a friend she thought she lost and this friend makes her feel warmth. 

Oh, and the fyremaster is an evil, twisted ass hole who Experiments on children… siphoning their magic and suffering. And Angie is all about it apparently. 

Lots more foul language and nakedness. I’m upset because after Quin said he was in love with Mia, he is off with some other girl..  did he ever really love her?? Apparently he doesn’t love anyone. And Mia who supposedly loves Quin is sleeping with just about anything with legs!! I guess mainly because she lost all feeling when she “died” and is just trying to feel again. 

Now I’m waiting on book three to be released in January, Soul of Cinder, because I need to know what happens. I’m secretly rooting for Quin, but Mia at the same time. 
The books themselves aren’t… terrible. There is just a lot of detail and POV switching. Lots of relationship switching and mind control. And a ton of forced… everything; love/relationships, feminist views, tragedy, etc. I also find it rather disappointing that all these strong female character feel they need a boy… or some other love interest.

Trigger Warnings:

  • Suicide
  • Death/Murder
  • Sexual Assault
  • Oppression

There are also strong feminist views as well as LQBTQ+