For the Love of Suzanne, by Kristi Hudecek-Ashwill is somewhat of a historical romance, set in two time periods. I honestly thought that I would not like this book and find it difficult to finish, but to my surprise it was actually a fairly decent read. The plot takes you back in time to the New Mexico Territory and to a heart breaking time in Native American history.

In this romance we first meet our main character Suzanne in an awful predicament; she finds herself pregnant and her abusive husband deceased. She takes a drive through the desert trying to clear her mind and comes upon a man on a horse, in the middle of the road, causing Suzanne to swerve and lose control of her car.

Next we meet Cody Black Fox, he is our wannabe hero in the story, and you can’t help but feel bad for the kid. Shunned by both white men and his tribe, the Chiricahua, and in love with a seemingly married and pregnant woman from another time. Cody promises to keep her and her unborn child safe and return them from where they came, the problem is, he doesn’t know how to do that and stay by her side.

There is so much travel in this book with Cody leaving her with random people who seem to mostly want to do her harm. It’s a wonder that Suzanne makes it through the book with as much abuse and torture she gets put through, both physical and mental. The author has you believing that her child will be stillborn.

There was tons of back and forth between them, with her abusive past getting in the way, as well as his obsession with being a “mixed breed.” And so, so much repetition. Whether it be her thoughts, Cody’s thoughts, or the situations, which all seem to be so close in description. I will give the author props for how well she describes things in the book; the landscape, the abuse, the brain matter on a cave wall, etc.

The story takes on a somewhat religious edge as they travel to the accident site, for the better it would seem. Close to death and starvation they have no idea if they are going the correct way and if they will make it. Will they make it back to the site before Suzanne goes into labor? If they do, will Cody be able to travel back to 2015 with her? Will he survive the future?

I have to give this book a fair score of 3 out of 5 stars. Definitely a very strange book, but a page turner nonetheless. I recommend this book to anyone that loves paranormal/historical roma