I just finished Inker and Crown by Megan O’Russell, I received and ARC for an honest review, the book is released on July 23, 2020.

I gave the book ⭐️⭐️⭐️ on GoodReads but I have some mixed feelings about it. The summary talks about Adrial Ayres who is one of the main characters of the book. Yes, one of them. The story is told in many character point of views. We first have Ena, then Niko, Mara, Adrial, Allora, and lately Kai. By having all of these different view points I felt like it was different stories in one, they don’t connect except that they’re friends.

Niko and Mara are map makers they are both set off on different quests. We don’t see much of their adventures and no longer hear about them once they both come across magic. Kai doesn’t have a large part, he is a sailor, we mainly find out through him and Niko that the sorcerers are shady, they want to be in control of Ilbrea. Allora is the Lord Map Makers daughter. She is protecting the real maps that Mara and Niko bring home. Ena is an Inker, she creates ink for Adrial who is the head scribe. I never figured out if Adrial knew about the fact the sorcerers want magic hidden from all of Ilbrea or not. He kinda gets caught in the middle of the common folk rebellion, however he doesn’t do anything to help the rebellion, his main focus is Ena.

On their own the characters are great and their stories are good. But I was left with too many questions that will most likely be answered in the rest of the series but not a single one was answered during the book. I felt that Niko’s, Mara’s, and Kai’s stories could have been a couple chapters in the beginning or just left out. I felt like if they were important enough to be followed alone then we should have seen more of them.

I did find out the author wrote a book on Ena alone called Ember and Stone. I was really interested in her character, I wanted to know more about her because she’s different then the rest. She’s not part of the guild, she has seen some crap, she is smart, brave, and literally colorful. Knowing there is a book about her I will check it out and read it soon.