Over the summer, I had the opportunity to read The Shadow Curse… I greatly enjoyed it. TSC is a wonderful read from this new author. You can read my review of it here.

Well, last month the author gifted me an unedited copy of book two, The Ruined Throne. People, let me tell you. Ah-mazing!

In The Ruined Throne, you can see Kala Merseal’s improvement; she finds the right groove and rolls with it, gaining momentum until the very end. It leaves you begging for more.

***Book One Spoilers Ahead***





The Cursed Throne ended with Aeskirus kidnapping Ara and essentially killing Raethin, a mysterious women being awoke from her stone prison, and just a lot of questions.

After everything that happened in book one, I was rooting for Aeskirus. Honestly, after finishing book two… part of my heart is still rooting for him.

The Ruined Throne gives us small glimpses of Zira and Cirith’s past.. and maybe a potential future? Hmmm. While I feel that Zira is a much needed character, I also do not like her very much. Her character is lacking in emotion, and it breaks my heart for them. And I’m still kind of ticked off at her for what she did.

We see a couple chapters in Aeskirus POV, which I was begging for since falling in love with him in July. I was sooo happy Kala delivered. That being said, oh Aes. Breakthrough and after breakthrough with this one. And not all good. Watching him war with the darkness inside.. I wanted to cry for him. Then that ending, oh my! I also want to say that I was partially correct with his true identity. Again, that ending!!!

Ara’s character is getting stronger. She is working her way to no longer being that damsel in distress and does she work it! She is becoming more and more powerful since the seal on her magick was removed. Does Aeskirus have any hand in her progress? Maybe, just maybe.

Raethin. Ever loyal, even in death. I’m rooting for him as well. His character is so strong, loyal, motivated, some what stubborn. After his death at the end of book one, he is rebirthed as the great spirit Devriel. Who is Devriel!? Well, make it to the badass epic ending of book two to find out. 😉

Again, nothing is forced. The characters and their emotions/relationships develop flawlessly. The action scenes are so detailed, you can’t help but imagine the explosion. *hint hint*

It was so hard to put the book down and get things done, but once I was finished I was sad the roller-coaster ride was over. I rated The Ruined Throne five stars on Goodreads. I look forward to more awesome books from Kala Merseal. Head over to Amazon to order your copies today!

The Ruined Throne

The Shadow Curse

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