As I’m sure you are well aware, March is reading month! Which basically means it’s a whole month dedicated to get children reading, adults too.

If you’ve been a follower of us for a little while, you know we usually do a monthly thing with a theme; crafts, recipes, books, etc. Well, with the way 2020 went and how 2021 is going… we’re kind of in this perpetual state of tiredness and have decided to forgo the whole month thing and settle for an event that last only a few weeks.

Everyone is somewhat familiar with BINGO, right? We’ve changed it up a bit, it is now READ! for March 2021. The event will run for two weeks, from March 10th to March 24th. Winners will be announced on or around March 31st.

***How it works!***

Your READ! board has 25 spaces, with the middle being a free space. Do the bookish activities, cross them off however you wish and when you complete all activities, you win! At the end of the event period (March 25th) we will choose a winner at random and do an announcement no later than March 31st.

In addition to completing the board, you MUST be following us on Instagram (we will be checking), tag us in your photos of the bookish activity you’ve chosen for the day.

We have two separate boards, one for the adult ages specified and one for the children.   There will be a first prize winner and a second prize winner for each age category. First prize winner will recieve a $25 Amazon gift card. Second prize winner will recieve ONE book from their Amazon wishlist, book price should not exceed $10.

This event is open to “adults” 16 and up, and children ages 5-15; we do still however encourage you to read to you children younger than 5. 🙂

Unfortunately we are only able to open the event to residents of the US and Canada at this time.

This event is in no way sponsored or endorsed by Instagram or