Hey authors!

We’ve decided to make things a little bit easier for you, as well as us, when looking for reviewers.

We’ve created a Google Form that you can fill out to request our services. I’ll add the link a little further down, but here is how it works basically…

  1. Fill out the form; we are requesting the following information
    • Book Title
    • Genre
    • Release Date
    • Publisher
    • Time line
    • Type of service
    • A quick blurb
    • Contact information
  2. Submit form
  3. Wait to hear back from one of us

Pretty simple, right? I think so too. 😉

While the form states ARC/Beta/Reviews, we also offer:

  • editorial services
  • cover reveals
  • release date post
  • pre-order post
  • bookish playlist
  • etc. Just ask!!

You can find us on:

  • Instagram @bookswithachanceof
  • Twitter @books_chance
  • tiktok @bookswithachance
  • facebook.com/bookswithachance
  • bookswithachance@gmail.com
  • Individually on Goodreads and Amazon

Some of the books we’ve helped work on or support are; The Guardians of Altana by Kala Merseal, Broad Daylight by L.J. Rivers, Vengeance by Rebecca Grey, A Twist of Night and Day by Aubrey Winter, and many more! While most of these are indeed fantasy, all genres are encouraged.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions. Happy writing!