“Death came but didn’t keep her. Even the heavens didn’t want her soul.”

I want to start off by saying that I enjoyed this book more than I did Vengeance. This is still a fantasy romance, with a little bit of heat, set in Maipeg, Pasia.

“The fae have finally been leached from the lands where four queens now rule and one woman has been brought back to life with one mission: kill the queens.”

I’ll admit that the book is slow at times, but builds a somewhat decent foundation with minor/few holes that need to be filled in later.

  • What did the queens promise?
  • What was their life like before that made them this way?
  • Is Ace going to succeed in her mission?
  • How did Ace die?
  • Can she die again!?

I also felt the action was somewhat lacking. It was either missing entirely or briefly mentioned.

So in the story, we follow Ace on her somewhat misguided mission to kill the four queens, given to her by the gods. Some time ago, the gods granted the queens powers to drive the fae, that were killing humans, off their lands. Whatever they promised the gods, they didn’t uphold and now they are seeking to restore the balance.. meet Ace. Some how killed and brought back through the ORANGE holy fire to kill them, the queens.

On this mission, Ace meets Shelby, who she basically black-mails, if that’s what you’d call holding a knife to someone’s back, to help her. Shelby is an enslaved warlock, he belongs to the queen, so if Ace can promise him freedom, he will do whatever is asked of him.

I enjoyed the dynamic between Ace and Shelby, even if I wasn’t too fond of his name, and they were a bit boring some times, and the suck at reconnaissance; a shaky alliance built on promise, potentially heading towards true friendship.. maybe something more?

Shelby’s grandmother was probably one of my favorite characters, even if she had a minor role. I certainly hope to see more of her.

Rebecca does such a fabulous job of getting me to absolutely loathe the queen, Queen Sienna, as well as Hollis (one of her suitors). The whole time, I’m so hoping she doesn’t have anything to redeem her. I mean, her first scene was just wow. She’s a cold hearted b*tch that kills people suspected of being infected with the Impelling (fae mind control basically) without so much as a trial!! Hollis was great at first, he had guts but… well, you’ll have to read the book to see why I no longer favored him. He’s skeevy.

The ending, oh the ending. I really wasn’t sure how I’d feel about Made From Death, but it has me hooked. I need to know what happens next.

All in all, I rate the book four stars. ☆☆☆☆

I recommend this to any readers looking for a good fantasy read, check it out on Kindle Unlimited today.

– Cherokee


The last book I read by Rebecca Grey I did not like. I complained the entire time and honestly I wasn’t sure if I wanted to read this one but I am glad I did.

*WARNING! I do have a big spoiler so if you don’t want to know it, avoid my half of the review*

I gave this book 3 stars only because some of the story didn’t stick with me. Cherokee and I would discuss the book and there were some things she mentioned that I don’t remember happening at all. Other than that I thought the story flowed well together and the characters were great. Shelby had said that Ace is selfish, I don’t see her that way. Ace is brought back from the dead by the Gods, we assume her throat was previously slit because she has a scar there; so really, other than the Gods speaking to her in her mind she has no one. It’s not like she had the choice of only having to take care of herself, it’s what she was left with. I do like in the end this lone character does show that she cares for Shelby. I don’t want to see them as a love interest and I hope they don’t turn into one because although they care for each other I do think their relationship would be better off as friends.

It’s barely mentioned in the book but the Queen may have known Ace in her previous life and I wish the back story for that was included in the story. It’s only a couple sentences and since nothing more happened with it I honestly think it could’ve been left out of the book and it wouldn’t have made a difference. I strongly, strongly disliked the Queen but she was written well to be a hated character. SPOILER: I wanted the Queen to die, I was hoping for that buildup of her death. I was kind of hoping Hollis would try to kill her or help in her death. Honestly, we’re not sure what happens to her in the end because the ending focuses on Ace but her being alive did disappoint me. That being said, there is still a build up for something unexpected in the end that will make you want to continue onto book two.