If you follow our sister blog, BuzzyMoms you’ll know that Darian is getting married, yay!! We decided that this weekend would be perfect for her bachelorette party, but nome of us are really into the bar scene, or clubs, or anything really like that.

What we are into though, is books, small towns, and food. That took us to this little bistro I’ve been wanting to visit for years, The Mad Hatter Bistro.

Mad Hatter Bistro, courtesy of Mad Hatter Bistro Facebook Page

The Mad Hatter Bistro, located at 185 N Old Woodward Ave in Birmingham MI, is a cute, Alice in Wonderland themed bar & cafe.

Their menu offers a variety of meals, appetizers, specialty cocktails, teas, and desserts. You can even have a tea party! Their dinnerware/drinkware is eclectic, so you may not get the same tea pot twice! The food is amazing and the atmosphere is even better!

While they are short staffed currently and service is a little slow, the staff was super friendly and never rushed us to finish our outing, even when it got busy. And boy did it get busy!! O made a reservation for 11am, the manager said it usually picked up around 1130. She was spot on. As soon as the clock ticked to 1130, the line was out the door; this probably isn’t usually an issue, but they had a leak of some sort in the downstairs area so they can only seat on the main level and outside currently. So, if you plan on visiting, I highly suggest making a reservation.

I will definitely be visiting again.

Our next stop was Urban Wick, a sort of make your own scent candle/soap shop. It was definitely an experience, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Basically, this place has a whole wall of scents, you write down your favorites, and they help you make a personal blend. You can mix and match scented oils to make a candle, soap, hand sanitizer, or diffuser oil blend.

The ladies that helped us were fantastic and helped us pick the perfect blends for the soaps and sanitizer we made.

Our last stop was Books-a-Million, where Darian and I spent probably too much on books.

Birmingham was such a cute little area. I would have loved to stay much longer and check out more little shops.

It had this old, classic charm and it was beautiful. I felt so safe walking around town, I would not hesitate to go alone.

I honestly cannot wait to go back. If I could afford it, I’d move there. 😅