“A mesmerizing tale of forbidden romance as deadly as Fire & Ice.”

I’m so torn when it comes to this book. On the one hand, I did enjoy it. I love reading about the Fae and the like. The world building was pretty good, I felt transported to this other world.

However, on the other hand… a couple things.. I didn’t mesh with the protagonist very well. I didn’t find her very likeable, she was just.. too much, maybe? I also felt like I was reading some other popular books already on market, particularly one about an obsessive sparkly non-bat and another with an ice witch.

Fire and Ice are very good representatives of the Seelie and Unseelie courts, of which Lorelei (our MC) must choose between. Fire being the Seelie, or Summer, Court, ultimately Adrius. Ice being the Unseelie, or Winter, Court.. ultimately Zanthiel.

Adrius was way too much like that sparkly bat I mentioned earlier. He was originally sent to spy, or kill, it’s not quite clear, Lorelei. He strings her along, and then tells her they can’t be together without telling her why. Then practically kidnapped her to the Nevermore and to Mythlandria. So. Many. Secrets. We got to know him pretty well throughout the story, for the most part. But I never really liked him.

Lorelei was hard for me to warm up to. She’s impulsive, doesn’t ever think anything through. Which I understand is a teenager thing, but at the same time if she’s been taking care of herself for a long while, she should have better control than that. As a result of this impulsiveness, she constantly needed rescuing. Way too needy for my tastes.

A lot of the characters were under developed. I felt like the author left me hanging with all these people, friends, relatives, whatever.

One character I want more from is Zanthiel. He is another suitor for Lorelei, or so I believe. It’s not totally clear and I also feel like maybe they are related in some way after learning about her father. Anyways, I liked him way better the Adrius. I guess it’d the bad boy thing, I’m hoping for more of him in book two, Bittersweet.

After all of this, the premise of the book kept me hooked. I needed to know where this story was going, and part of me feels like I still do. I was hoping for more, but wasn’t too disappointed. The author has so much potential, and I feel like she can do great things in the future.

All in all, I rated Fire & Ice three stars out of five. β˜†β˜†β˜†