“I’d never particularly like humans, but I’d never wanted to kill one. Until now.”

Heart of a Witch is a standalone novel in Garcia’s ‘Embracing the Darkness’ collection, and it. Is. Dark.

Victoria Amberwood is the best female villain I’ve had the privilege to read about. She is hellbent on revenge for the murder of her younger sister, Ember, even if it means succumbing to dark magic and the evil within. While mostly a morally -somewhat darker- gray character, she has glimpses of a lighter side, making her character interesting and shows that she can evolve beyond what people think of her kind (witches). It probably doesn’t hurt that Victoria’s esthetic is very similar to mine. 😉

“Karma never happens to people like him. It’s why people like me step in.”

Elijah was a charming character, if some what of a rake. He and Victoria have instant chemistry that helped provide some moral conflict in the story, for the both of them.

Damian, Elijah father, is the true villain of the story, but you can’t help but pity him at the same time. Without spoilers, I’m okay how his story ended, it’s definitely justified. However, it also upset me because I feel somewhat robbed of a magnificent ending.

The secondary charters, Alex, Corbin, and Cas are all amazing as well and totally deserve their own novellas. They each had such pivotal roles in Heart of a Witch and would do well on their own, to see where they go from here.

I definitely enjoyed this story more than I though I would. It nice seeing the darker side of Fantasy, while still offering some speck of hope. The characters are all deep and complex, and offer the right amount of support to boost the story.

It has a little bit of heat, romance wise. But nothing too graphic. Love, whether romantic or familial, is the forefront and foundry of this novel.

I rated this one five stars. ☆☆☆☆☆

If you enjoy novels with a bit of a darkside, enemies to friends to lover’s, and found families, you’re sure to enjoy this one. Heart of a Witch releases December 14th 2021. Head over to our Linktree to purchase your copy today.

“Darkness recognizes darkness.”