I’m so glad I got my hands on this book, I was going through a slump before getting it. I have an unfinished stack waiting for me and I also had some that I just did not enjoy. However, since I loved book one and two of Ginger Li’s East Beach High series I knew I was going to love this one. I will admit, book two; XOXO, Violet is still my favorite but XOXO, Oliva also made me happy. I still recommend this entire series to young readers just starting in the YA Genre.

Our little snippet from the author: “I’ve loved Micah Reyes ever since I was sixteen. Unfortunately, he made it clear that he only sees me as his sister’s best friend. But when I need someone to be my pretend boyfriend for an event, Micah steps in to take the role. My brain knows that our relationship isn’t real. But my heart? Well, that’s another story.”

What’s great about XOXO, Olivia is you don’t have to read XOXO, Piper or XOXO Violet to read this one. If you chose not to read the whole series this will help: Olivia and Violet are best friends and Micah is Violet’s twin brother. Micah goes to a different school than Violet and Oliva because Violet switch schools from being bullied. And obviously, Olivia has a crush on her best friends brother.

Olivia and Micah come from two different worlds, she comes from money and he doesn’t. It’s your classic rich girl and poor boy romance. However, Olivia is humble. I haven’t read a rich girl/poor boy story where the rich person didn’t want to be known from their parents money. She doesn’t judge anyone on how much money they have so you’d think Micah would be okay with this but he doesn’t think he’s good enough for her because he doesn’t come from money.

This sort of causes a problem for our two love birds. Micah is trying to get a scholarship for a great art school and uses their differences in his project. This can easily be misunderstood and is be Olivia. She thought he was making fun of kids like her and judging them without even knowing them. Rich or not that can rub anyone the wrong way.

If you’re into opposite attract then I recommend this book, heck this whole series if you haven’t checked any of them out yet.