“Even demons can appear mortal, love.”

What pulled me in:

✔️ beautiful cover art
✔️ found family
✔️ slow burn
✔️ fake dating/fiancé
✔️ only one bed
✔️ vampires
✔️ sorcerers

I love the deepness of this novel, about ones darkness and bringing it to light. It hits deep.

“You can’t fix something unless it’s brought out into the open, and people often shy away from the ugly side of our nature.”

In the beginning I kind of thought Olivia was super whiney, even though she had reason to be.. I just found her annoying, at first. The more her character developed and evolved, the more I started to enjoy her character. She’s a very flawed, but caring person who wants to do the right thing always.
I absolutely loved Sebastian, even though he’s a bit closed off (because he can be). I wanted to shake him so many times though. His growth is amazing.
It is a slow burn romance, so I get it, but at the same time I felt there wasn’t too much getting to know you/romance stuff. His ending ripped my heart, either way though. 

“You’re not a monster, Sebastian. You’re just like me—a little broken.”

Astor.. I loathe him. Such a traitor, wuss, and just all around toxic person to have any type of relationship with. Olivia’s mom, Ravena (and I’m blanking on her “fake” name), oh how I dislike her as well. While I’m sure her intentions were good, how did she really think it was going to end. Secrets don’t do anyone any favors.
Draven was a nice addition, although his part was small. He obviously has feelings for Olivia. I hope we see more of him and that he gets his HEA.

I’m really excited for book two!