Hi there!! We are today’s blog stop on the MTMC Tour for The Truth of Lies by Lily Anne Rose! This is the first book in the Elemental Kogdom series, releasing on May 5th 2022. It was so good!


I woke up alone in the forest with no memories and the future King of the Air Kingdom is claiming to be my husband…
As I try to adjust to my new life I meet Prince Wren, the sarcastic and temperamental fae prince of the Earth Kingdom.
Torn between kingdoms and married to a man I don’t know, I need to regain my memories and deal with my new role in the monarchy- and fast. But how can I do that when everywhere I turn truths and lies are sworn?
Rival Kingdoms are fighting for my hand, but I have secrets of my own…
I just need to remember them, who do you trust when you can’t trust yourself?


I was hooked in right away by the beginning prologue. It’s super intriguing and suspenseful. A bit heart breaking too.

Actually, the first couple chapters are pretty heart breaking. The emotion wrought throughout the book is pretty raw.

The world building is magnificent. I could picture the scenery without being overwhelms with trivial detailing. It’s a difficult balance sometimes with the fantasy genre and I feel Ms. Rose nailed it.

The amnesia aspect was a fresh twist on the love triangle trope. Amalie not remembering her past, doing/learning everything by emotion or feeling was an interest concept and I loved learning along with her. She had absolutely no preconceived notions or anything about her husband, learning to maybe love him. That is until things from her past start popping up and something horrendous happens to bring her memories back in full force.

I felt bad for Asher throughout most of the book. He has such a tragic past, constantly seeking validation and the need to be loved. I was saddened with his spiraling past. Part of me wants him to be redeemed, but at the same time.. I love an unredeemable villain.

This book is marketed as Young Adult.. while I can agree that the characters are the correct age, there are no explicit scenes per se, but some of the conversations would be for older readers. Maybe upper young adult to be safe.

I found some of the dialog to be lacking and unrealistic, but some to be beautifully written and something I would hear within a group of friends.

The Truth of Lies is a solid four star read. I cannot wait to see how Amalie changes on book two.

I created a Spotify Playlist, be sure to check it out here. I feel it speaks the book well. 😉 You can find a list of tracks below, on case you do not have Spotify but still want to take a listen.

  • Amnesia – Chumbawamba
  • Memory – Sugarcult
  • Land of Confusion – Disturbed
  • So What I Lied – Sick Puppies
  • Secrets Don’t Make Friends – From First to Last
  • Heartless – A Day to Remember
  • Face Down – The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
  • Ghost Walking – Lamb of God
  • Jumper – Third Eye Blind
  • Better Than Me – Hinder
  • Little Razorblade – The Pink Spiders
  • Lonely Day – System of a Down
  • For Your Malice – Lamb of God
  • I’d Do Anything – Simple Plan
  • Madness – All That Remains
  • Sweating Bullets – Megadeth
  • Just A Girl – No Doubt
  • Who Knew – P!nk
  • My Sacrifice – Creed
  • Coming Undone – Korn
  • Back Here – BBMack

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