In March, Cherokee threw our first themed dinner party, which was Snow White. You can find the link for that, here. This month was my turn and I picked Moana as our theme, since it is my favorite Disney movie. It was really fun to put together, we had some favorite recipes that I will share throughout the week and also an adorable craft.

So what do you need to have your very own Disney Dinner Party? Well once you pick your theme you need to plan your menu. We had pulled chicken, “party” potatoes, macaroni salad and cauliflower bites as our main meal. We tried to stick with more of a Hawaiian menu but you can chose anything you want, really it’s the fun names that make it. Cherokee created this menu using Canva. Our biggest hits of the party were the Motunui Pineapple Salsa, Pua’s Huli Cauliflower Bites and the Te Ka’s Cheesecake Salad.

Now that you have a menu you can decide on if you want to encourage guest to dress up as characters or not. We dressed up, I was so excited to be Te Fiti but April was a stressful month for my family so I put off making my costume for last minute. I’m not kidding, day of I was trying to glue moss to my costume before everyone arrived.

Now that you have your theme, menu and outfit decided you can now work on the fun part – the decorations. It’s a dinner party so really there’s not much you will have to work on, unless you want to. With help from Amazon we were able to have a hanging “waterfall,” water table covers, a tropical beach photo backdrop, and tropical leaves and flowers. Bought from the dollar store were our coconuts that guest got to decorate and take home, lei’s for our photo props, small sea shells, and a fishing net. I made our food cards and other photo props from cardstock paper using my Silhouette machine.

We have already been discussing our next dinner party with a couple different themes being thrown around. Lilo and Stitch, Hocus Pocus, or Disney Villain’s. Whichever we chose I’m excited for it.

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