I have absolutely loved every book I’ve read by Ginger Li so I was excited again to get my hands on another ARC from her.


Everly Knight loves Halloween and Christmas but hates men. After being betrayed by her famous fiancé, she does what every holiday-loving women with a scorned heart would do-she dumps him, goes on a shopping spree, and comes home with a few (okay, nine) Christmas trees and a dozen pumpkins. Everly is perfectly satisfied with her single, holiday-décor filled life, but her knitting club thinks otherwise. They rope her into joining a dating pact and now she’s going out with a new guy every week.

All her dates are duds until Wyatt Alexander, Everly’s bestfriend from college, steps back into her life. He’s in town to do a book signing, but when he shows up at all of her dates, Everly questions everything she believes about their relationship. Everly and Wyatt are supposed to only be friends. Then why does he leave her heart tangled up in knots?

The Dating Pact is a sweet and swoony holiday romance filled with a group of knitting besties, unrequited love, friends that turn into lovers, one hairy tarantula, and a heartwarming HEA guaranteed to give you all the feels.

I really enjoyed the book, it had a YA feel but with older characters which was a nice change. I love YA books because I personally enjoy cleaner reads but I’m almost 30, reading about high schoolers gets a little tiring.

Everly finds her fiancé cheating on her at their own engagement party and ends it instantly. Seriously, good for her! He was starting to tear her down, the guy wasn’t supportive at all and only thought about himself. The book then skips to almost a year later, she’s healing from her break up, finally being herself again, and started her own business. She’s doing great.

In comes Wyatt. Wyatt has been in love with Everly for years but he has never told her or acted on his feelings. Here’s the kicker, Wyatt is back for Everly but not for himself. Everly’s crappy ex-fiancé is Wyatt’s brother and he wants Wyatt to convince Everly to have a fake relationship with his brother because it will help him look good for a role he’s trying to get. Like I said earlier, this guy only thought about himself. Wyatt agrees to this until he finds out the truth between their breakup and the horrible fan base.

I gave the book four stars, the characters were great and there were funny moments. My favorite part of the entire book is near the beginning when she imagines Chewbacca as her “perfect man.” I wanted Everly and Wyatt to be together but it wasn’t an instant for me. I felt they could have had more time together in the book before jumping into the “I love you’s.” This is book one of a series and I can’t wait to check out the others when they come out.