“Why have perfect and sweet when you can have bold and unexpected?”

Rowan is the complete four book collection from The Lochlann Feuds series by Elle Robinson and Robin D. Mahle.

  • Scarlet Princess
  • Tarnished Crown
  • Crimson Kingdom
  • Obsidian Throne

Could that get any better?? Yes. Yes, it can. Rowan also includes bonus content such as:

  • Book/Chapter Playlists
  • Character Art
  • Bonus Chapters

Blurb for Scarlet Princess:

Rowan never wanted the kind of love you go to war for — the kind of love that could break you.

But when a harmless adventure lands her in the dungeons of her enemy, she’ll realize that’s just one of many things that’s beyond her control. Between Socairan politics, blood debts, and arseling lords with perilously gray morality, Rowan is forced to learn more than she ever wanted to about herself, about the kinds of choices she is capable of making.

And about how much she’s willing to risk for a love she never wanted to begin with.


This is one of my favorite series by this set of authors. They do a fantastic job of seamlessly working together, putting together a cohesive story with a fantastic flow.

Scarlet Princess starts off with our FMC, Rowan, at a low point, without the authors revealing too much of her backstory all at once.

She is a character you can connect with one way or another. She’s fierce and outspoken, and full of flaws. Her character growth throughout book one is great, but her growth throughout the entire series is phenomenal!

I wasn’t thrilled with her insta-love at the beginning of the series, it definitely seemed Stockholm Syndrome to me. 😅

After rereading the series, you can see all the subtle ways Rowan and Theo had been manipulated. After everything, I was glad Theo gave her space to allow her to choose him herself, without all the other stuff going on.

All that being said, I will forever and always be Team Evander. Theodore, while being a stand up guy, was way too stuffy and uptight for me, and I definitely though he was not a good fit for Rowan. Where as Evander actually SAW her, respected her, and always had her best interest at heart.

Der’m o, Lemmikki.

The attention to detail, in not only the architecture & battle scenes, but the clothing and facial expression is outstanding. This author duo paints a beautiful, vivid picture of all their stories.

The complete collection flows seamlessly from one book to the next. All the bonus chapters are at the end of the set, and while I had wished they were at the end of their individual book, I loved every word of them!

The Lochlann Feuds series is a roller coaster full of raw emotion. I laughed out loud, and cried more than once. There are some amazing quotes from the entire series as well. This is a series, and author duo, you do not want to miss!

I cannot wait to see whatelse these two come up with.

“May the stars light your path and may the mountains tremble in your wake, cousin.”

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