The front door swung open. The icy blast of air hit Miles full in the face.
For the first time in months, a smile played across his lips.

Miles knows his life changed when the Lady’s sword cut deep into his back. He knows he’ll never achieve his lifelong dream.

Then a stab of joyous pain slices down his leg. With renewed hope, Miles leaves behind the shackles of Dr Viktor’s house and travels east, to the training grounds of the Queen’s Guard.

Will Miles get the chance to compete for a place? And will they accept him in the warrior’s holy ground of Battleacre?

The Acre Story follows Miles’s journey through the eastern lands as our epic fantasy continues.


Miles and the Soldier is the second full length novel of the Acre series by author G.J. Kemp. This is a great addition to the series and I can honestly say that I did NOT see that ending coming! Wow.

Following the events of book one, we pick up right where we left off with Miles and his predicament, while still keeping with the original plot. This one is so full of action, adventure, and love – both familial and romantic. On top of that, we have magic, wolves, vampires, and the living dead… aka zombies.

These paranormal additions gave the continued story a fresh boost.

Again, I do feel like to romantic feelings Miles has came a little too fast, but I’ve never really been one for insta-love. I’d like more details hashed out for romance, or more background. Its almost like they’ve [Miles & his love interest] spent zero time together – his relationship with Chloe and Juno had more depth.

I loved meeting all these new characters and I am so excited to see where they story goes from here. There are a bunch of questions I have that need answering. I keep thinking maybe there is some weird time warp thing or something, so it will be real interesting to see how it plays out.

I gave Miles and the Soldier four stars.

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