The tides of the Faerie War are turning, but at how high a cost for the Kasric family?

Justice Kasric, her siblings, and her parents are locked in combat on both sides of the Human-Faerie War. At fifteen, Justice may be the youngest ever Admiral to command her own ship and lead a resistance, but she has the magic and the will to do it. If only nearly every other member of her family weren’t either in immediate danger of dying—or attempting to kill her!

Forced to make dangerous pacts with more than one unpredictable ally, only Justice can decide how far she’ll go to save London. Is it worth sacrificing even a member of her own family?


I really enjoyed Justice at Sea, book two in The Empire of the House of Thorns series by Christian Klaver! The story picked up its speed a bit but stayed true to its predecessor in the fact that is stayed gritty and dark.

The plot continues with Justice on her ship, maybe a only a few weeks from where book one left off, but still very much in the middle of the Faerie war. There was little character growth, but of what there was it wasn’t off putting. If anything, it has made me more curious. Without spoilers, I’m excited to see what happens with the brothers, the older two more specifically. Plus the ramifications for what Justice has done. Like woah.

The romance with Avonstoke, again, I just don’t see the necessity. We get these little glimpses of romance, but it seems more of an afterthought that a thought-out relationship. With just the tiniest bit of effort, Avonstoke could be a FANTASTIC character and build this relationship with Justice; but where it’s at now, it could have been left out entirely.

Just like with Shadows Over London, there is loads of information to digest. The author paints a beautiful photo of how London looks after the Faerie have crossed over, his world building is on point. The battles, again, seem to start and then are over quickly, but I will say that there are a bit more details in them.

There is some content that readers may find triggering such as:


Animal Abuse (ish)

Violence, Torture & Death


Self Mutilation (ish)

I gave Justice at Sea four stars.

Check back in the next week for my review on Armadas in the Mist (book three). You can check out my review for Shadows Over London here.

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