The Black Shuck’s forces gather just beyond the mist . . .

Captain Justice Kasric knows how complicated family can be. The escalating Human-Faerie war has scattered and wounded her siblings and transformed her parents beyond recognition. After narrowly escaping yet another dangerous clash, fifteen-year-old Justice has had enough. She’s determined to defeat the Black Shuck, the mysterious leader controlling the Faerie invasion of London, but if Justice hopes to stand a chance at victory, she’ll have to do the impossible: reunite her family and lead them against the looming Faerie Armada.

With her mother and brother at the helm of the enemy fleet, and the prophesized Seven Virtues slipping out of reach, Justice more than has her work cut out for her. Even if she can save England, the cost may be higher than she’s willing to pay.


Armadas in the Mist kept pace with Justice at Sea, and stayed pretty gritty. There was definitely more death than in the previous two books.

I enjoyed the action and adventure the entire character cast seemed to have. The different twists and POVs kept the book exciting. Rarely was there a lull in the plot line.

The thought that the author had put into this last stand for England was outstanding.

The character growth in book three was good for a while, then towards the end they all seemed to revert back to being a bit childish – I noticed this more in Justice. It just threw me off a bit how she went from being this brave, all be it – young, captain of a ship full of a variety of fae creatures and then getting upset that basically “life isn’t fair.”

The romance with Avonstoke continued to grow, with very little shown. I still don’t understand the basis of their relationship, or why it was included. There are some fade to black scenes in Armadas in the Mist, brief mentions of Justice and Avonstoke having sexual relations, but it does not go into detail.

I have mixed feelings about Joshua’s end. I would really like to see more from the Kasric family. Its obvious Justice is going to continue to captain her ship and Faith will spend time with the dragons, but what about the rest of them. Honestly, I feel like Benedict was done dirty – he got little to no page time throughout the series, same with Henry, but they are obviously important pieces of the story.

Klaver has put out an entirely unique and compelling YA Fantasy series. I can’t wait to see what he does next!

There is some content that readers may find triggering such as:


Violence, Torture & Death


Self Sacrifice

I gave Armadas in the Mist four stars.

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