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Briscoe Chambers is not only the manager of her country music star husband, but a graduate student trying to complete her Virginia Woolf thesis by fall – the same time her cheating husband, Michael, has an album due to avoid being in breach of contract. No problem, right?

Except his co-writer will be Velvet Wickens, his idol who has been opening shows for him. And who happens to be the one he’s cheating with. Now Briscoe has been asked by their record label to ensure the album gets finished on time. To accomplish this, they must all live together for the duration of the writing of the album.

And by the way, Briscoe knows.

Fans of the writing of both Taylor Jenkins Reid and Virginia Woolf will enjoy this novel that has plenty of sweet tea, country music, Virginia Woolf, and heartache.


Southern-Fried Woolf is an uproariously funny, deeply insightful, and engagingly complex novel on many levels.” – Rick Neumayer, author of Journeyman and Hotwalker

“A celebration of how books and music can help one transcend life’s daily trials, Southern-Fried Woolf is a quick-witted and erudite novel, drenched in a love of literature and music.” Self-Publishing Review

“Drema Drudge has taken a typical novel outline and made it into an even more exciting and unique story. From Briscoe’s thesis being woven into each chapter to being a part of every thought and emotion she has, the story captivates the audience from start to finish.”- Literary Titans

“Drudge pitches us into Nashville’s vivid world, full of fascinating characters and expertly depicted settings. You can almost taste the sweet barbecue beans and hunks of honeyed cornbread.”- Maggie Humm, author of prize-winning novels Talland House and Radical Woman: Gwen John & Rodin

“A cleverly plotted, character-led novel combining country music and Virginia Woolf. Now there´s a mix!”- A ‘Wishing Shelf’ Book Review


I want to preface this saying that I have never read a book by Virginia Woolf and I am not a big fan of country music.

Southern-Fried Woolf is a.. heavy-hearted work of art. In just the first chapter, you’re bombarded with all these different emotions, and they only roller coaster from there. The characters are unique and memorable.

There is a lot going on in this book. The plot is original, tackling multiple themes at once. Southern-Fried Woolf is very character led.

Honestly, the whole time you feel so awful from Briscoe, and dislike her a little, too.

Briscoe, at times, seems like this entitled, rich, mean woman. Her personality is a bit hard to swallow. Because of these things, and others (like her marriage and job), most of the relationship’s Briscoe has are all surface level. Two characters she is meanest to, stay by her side throughout the entire book, and I’m glad for them.

When Briscoe was at her lowest, Bernita and Patrick were there to pick her back up, despite how she treated them. While I would have enjoyed more from those two, I appreciate the fact that the story mainly about Briscoe, her thesis, and her life.

Again, I’ve never read anything from Virginia Woolf, but the passages from Briscoe’s own thesis that contain snips from Woolf’s work are a nice addition, even if I have no actual knowledge of the work she references. Her whole thesis is based on Woolf’s symbolism in her writing. Eventually Briscoe, with help, makes the connection that Woolf is her escape and she’s using it to hurt/help/hide from her marriage.

I found it extremely upsetting that Briscoe stayed in this faithless (on the husbands part) marriage. Several times, the marriage vows are referenced, and again.. its so fucking sad. She tries so hard to keep face, to show the entire world that her marriage, her life, isn’t falling apart. She is a stronger woman than I am, as there is no way I would have been able to move into a house with the man who cheated on me and the woman whom he cheated with. Ever. While Briscoe stayed strong, it did eventually take its toll on her in some of the worst ways.

Michael was awful. Talk about being shallow, self important, and childish. I disliked him from the start.

I honestly didn’t mind that the author brought religion into the story. She never outright bashes one religion over the other, and basically leaves it up to “each their own.” The connection she made with nature was wonderful.

I loved the southern sayings, evening if I didn’t recognize some of them. Could be regional things, as my southern roots stem from Alabama and the Tennessee mountains versus Nashville.

I rated Southern-Fried Woolf four stars.

Content Warning:


Alcohol & Drug Use


Eating Disorders

Mentions of Suicide

About Drēma Drudge:

Drēma Drudge is the award-winning author of the novels Victorine (March 2020) and Southern-Fried Woolf (January 2023). A graduate of the Naslund-Mann Graduate School of Writing, she and her husband, musician and writer Barry Drudge, have two grown children, a new granddog, and live in a picturesque town in Indiana. They also host the podcast MFA Payday. Learn more about Drēma and get a free literary fiction short story at: www.dremadrudge.com.

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Author: Drēma Drudge

Pub. Date: January 23, 2023

Publisher: Wit & Whimsy

Formats: Paperback, eBook

Pages: 288

Find it: Goodreadshttps://books2read.com/SOUTHERN-FRIED-WOOLF

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