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A passage. This story is a passage. A chapter from my earliest adventures. A moment in time recounting the first time I traveled through time…or something like that. I may have been dimension hopping. We’re still not certain. Anyway, I share this with you because it was also the first time (time, time, time…) I met Ezekiel and Jacob Trate, or any other member of the Trate family. I share this with you because it was the first time I met Frank. I share this with you because the whole deal was a portal full of fun (you’ll get this joke once you start reading).


The Boy Who Fell From The Past was a fun and quick read, that I rather enjoyed once I got out of my own head and started reading as the target audience.

The way this book is written.. confused me at first. I didn’t quite understand the POV jumps, eventually I made this weird connection that we are reading one part of the story, while it’s being narrated during other parts. Sort of like how you’re watching George of the Jungle [starring Brendan Fraser], while there is a narrator speaking over parts of the movie. While not what I typically read, this worked oddly well in the story. Of course, Truant is both the narrator and the protagonist.

The vibes of this story are all over the place, and again, I’m here for it.

I absolutely dug the speculative fiction, dystopian, time-travel vibes being thrown out. The premise of the story is intriguing. We’ve traveled to the year 3023, to a time when the United States is no longer a country, and the landscape has gone a drastic change, with people literally living under water.

In a short 116 pages, we’re taken on this philosophical adventure. I loved the authors take on religion. He points out the flaws in the bible, while still giving the reader the God or Gods that they may or may not believe. He does not deny a higher power, but admits he may never know what, or who, that higher power is.

I honestly need more of these short stories. I’m very curious to see where Truants pocket-watch takes him next.

I could totally see this being a good middle grade read, despite the fact that the MC is seventeen.

I rated The Boy Who Fell From The Past four stars.

A quick, whimsical read.

About Truant D. Memphis:

Truant Delighted Memphis is an author, actor, alter-ego, fictional character, adventurer, sloppy guitar player, martial artist, husband and father. He was born and raised in Texas. An orphan, at age 16 he wandered away from his foster home on foot in search of adventure. He is married to Daffodil Fields. They have two children: Daniel Trate (adopted), and a baby girl named Peaceful Dreaming Memphis (Sweet Pea for short).

Truant began his journey to save the Multiverse a little over 10 years ago. He is an agent for the all-knowing Bob, who we think is what other people call God, though we haven’t confirmed that yet. Truant invites you to join him on his quest.

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Author: Truant D. Memphis

Pub. Date: November 1, 2022

Publisher: Tdm, Ink

Formats:  Paperback, eBook

Pages: 116

Find it: Goodreadshttps://books2read.com/THE-BOY-WHO-FELL-FROM-THE-PAST

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