After trying her hand at acting, Rose decides to change career paths and enter law school.

She enrolls in law school in a sleepy New England town, only to find that the practice of law is not all she will study. This quirky thirty-something Italian girl falls in love when she lays eyes on Anil, a handsome intellectual from India. The two discover a deep connection and quickly begin a romantic relationship. What could go wrong as their romance blossoms? Their future looks bright. They have each other. They have great friends. They also have Anil’s mother. Inspired by true events, Mother Knows Worst is a humorous and heartfelt novel. Rose is on a path to finding herself, love, and relationships, taking the reader on a delightful and often comedic journey as she explores two cultural worlds colliding.

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Pinnacle Award Winner!

“Author Sofia Bella Roma tells an absorbing story about two people from very different backgrounds falling in love and struggling to navigate the circumstances and people around them. Infusing romance, humor, and plenty of drama, Roma weaves an engaging narrative that keeps hold of the reader until the last page. Mother Knows Worst is not just a dramatic comedy but also a novel that showcases the challenges people sometimes face in adapting to other cultures, especially in relationships involving in-laws. The characters have their own idiosyncrasies, which make them very intriguing to read. Rose and Anil’s dynamic feels genuine, as do their respective struggles and conflicts. Recommended to readers who savor drama novels revolving around relationships.” – Reviewed by Pikasho Deka for Readers’ Favorite

“A lively, thought-provoking journey into one young woman’s marriage, cross-cultural encounters, and life. Mother Knows Worst is recommended not just for novel readers seeking stories of women’s experiences, but for reading groups interested in the psychological entanglements between different cultures and generations.” – Reviewed by Midwest Book Reviews

*Interview with Sofia Bella Roma*

Sofia Bella Roma is a lawyer in North Carolina. She has been practicing law since 2009. She was first licensed to practice law in Massachusetts and then went on to become licensed attorney in North Carolina. Sofia has spent most of her career telling stories. She regularly performs to judges when litigating her cases. Mother Knows Worst is Sofia’s debut novel. This book tackles common problems in relationships and takes on mother-in-law drama with a quirky point of view. Sofia knows firsthand about difficult relationships since she has been practicing law as a divorce attorney. She currently lives with her son and their pet lizard. She has a love for the arts and enjoys making people laugh.

What was your biggest fear when writing your book?

     I was afraid of offending or hurting the real-life people who are part of the story. I was concerned about the reception of the book by the public and how it would be received by those familiar with the true story. 

Which was the hardest character to write?

      Anil was the hardest character to write.  I wanted to show how he was torn and had his own struggles within the marriage.

Did you get writers block and how did you overcome it?

        I had writers block often and maybe that is why this book took almost two years to write.  At first, in order to overcome the writer’s block, I would shred the story.  As you may suspect, this became a very ineffective way to write.  Eventually, I learned to walk away and take a break.

What advice would you give to another budding writer about basing their novel on a true story?

               Don’t be afraid to write your story. It is scary and you cannot predict people’s reactions, but a good story deserves to be written.

Will you be writing another book?

               Definitely, and I will likely focus on people that I have run across in real life. 


Mother Knows Worst was a pretty interesting story, based on true events.

The story focuses on Rose, telling her life story to her therapist, Amy. Combined with the dual timeline, I thought it to be a pretty unique way to tell the story. It felt like sitting in on a therapy session.

The characters were well developed for the most part. I really enjoyed the parental background information and seeing how that shaped the characters into who they are. They all seemed to have a great dynamic with one another.

I did not like the dialogue for a good portion of the story though. It was a bit tedious to read at times and I could help but wonder if the author had a fear of using contractions. She used words/phrases like “wanna” or “ya know” but couldn’t use you’re or it’s.

Mother Knows Worst was an emotional read, with sporadic humor to lighten the mood.

The real world, imperfect, messy look at marriages – whether multi-cultural or not – as well as the relationship between in-laws, was really on point.

The culture differences was a major factor in this novel. They got in the way a lot, from both sides. Meshed with the MCs’ metal illness, it made for a heavy plot point.

I rated Mother Knows Worst three stars.


Multi-Cultural Romance

Mental Health Rep

Content Warnings:

Domestic Abuse

Questionable Child Rearing

Sexual Harassment


Car Accident

Crude Language

Alcohol Usage

Some Drug Usage

Title:  Mother Knows Worst

Author:  Sofia Bella Roma

Category:  Adult Fiction (18+),  280 pages

Genre: Literary Fiction, Novel

Publisher:  Mascot Books

Release date:  December 2022

Content Rating:  PG -13 

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