Book two of the Witch in the Envelope series by Laura Detering and I can’t help but start with saying check out that cover! Learning more about Mara made this cover fit perfectly with the story.


A broken heart, fused back together in scorn, cannot be broken again

Though Liddy has embraced her Watcher heritage as a protector of the realms, insecurities return as she doubts her ability to be the savior the Kingdom of Cristes needs her to be.

Liddy and Will have no idea how to hone nor control their giftings. As if being a teenager in Mortalia weren’t difficult enough, being together can literally make the couple shine brighter than the northern lights. They need guidance and lots of it, but their mentor Nick has disappeared, and the only friend who knows what they are is human.

With unexpected help, Will and Liddy must travel through other’s memories to learn about Mara, the witch in the envelope, in hopes of defeating her. Unearthed is an icy betrayal, one so deep it fractures Mara’s soul and the flames of her fiery rage could burn through their worlds. Everyone is on borrowed time as Mara seeks to exact her revenge. Will and Liddy must find a way to stop her or die along with everyone they have ever loved.


I loved reading part two of this book, we finally get a chance to look into Nick’s and Mara’s relationship. It was full of drama, and I loved every part of it. I definitely started to have different feelings towards her. I know, how dare the author make us start to feel for the bad guy but I love a good backstory. I felt for her but the entire time I was screaming, “Nick loves you.”

Things get really intense towards the end of the story and that cliffhanger will have you on the edge of your seat. You’re left wondering who is left alive while things are just getting started. My one problem with the story was Will. He seemed different in this story than the first one, I felt he was whiny. They’re teenagers, they don’t care about much and think they’re grown which is great in YA novels, but he was just not for me this time. I do agree that the secrets were unnecessary from Shai and Nick but knowing nothing this boy really thought it was okay to continue yelling at them over silly things.

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