Today is International Wildlife Day…. But what exactly does that mean?

Back in 2013, December 20th to be exact, the United Nations General Assembly (U.N.G.A) proclaimed that March 3rd would be a day to celebrate and raise awareness of the world’s wild animals and plants. Today, World Wildlife Day is the most important global event dedicated to wildlife. How cool is that?

They’ve decided that the theme for this year (2019) would be “Life Below Water: for people and planet.”

During some research, I found out that the oceans contain nearly 200,000 identified species and countless other unidentified as of yet. It’s amazing!

Did you know that the market value of marine and coastal resources and industries is estimated to be 3-trillion USD per year? Mhm. Over three billion people count on marine and coastal “biodiversity” for their livelihood; marine wildlife not only provides food and nourishment but materials for handicraft and construction, as well as enriching lives recreationally, spiritually, and culturally.

I’ve been to the Gulf of Mexico, where fishing boats are out almost all day, catching fish for local restaurants, keeping businesses afloat.    I personally love sitting next to streams, waterfalls, any body of water really. Its calming and relaxing, not to mention beautiful.

However, our oceans and the species, as much as 40% is in danger. Under direct threat of over-exploitation of marine species as well as pollution, loss of habitat, and climate change.     This is going to a have a huge impact on the livelihood of those who depends on marine ecosystems.

We are taking today, to not only promote reading, but also to promote awareness for the wildlife near and far.

Here are some ideas for you to help conservation efforts and wildlife awareness:

  • Learn about different species and share what you’ve learned with family & friends.
  • Visit your local zoo, aquarium, conservation park, museum, botanical gardens, etc.
  • Donate to a local conservation project
  • Volunteer
  • Consume responsibly: don’t purchase items made from illegally sourced protected wildlife.
  • Take to social media

This years World Wildlife Day’s social media hashtags are:

#worldwildlifeday    #LifeBelowWater     #peopleandplanet   #WWD2019     #DoOneThingToday     #MarineSpecies

You can find more information on World Wildlife Day here.


Remember to print off our Wildlife Word Search to participate in today’s activity. I also challenge you to go out and clean up a park or visit a zoo!


Post a picture of your family participating to social media and tag BuzzyMoms with the hashtag #MarchIsReadingMonth