Neverland is an evil corporation, kidnapping children and doing unspeakable things to them to enhance their genetic makeup. Until one day, a couple of doctors have decided that it has gone on long enough and they try escaping with the children, burning Neverland to the ground this destroying everything…. or did they?

I recently devoured Chanda Hahn’s Neverwood Chronicles, it’s a trilogy that you can get with Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited subscription.

It’s a retelling of a childhood favorite of mine… Peter Pan. Only its modern day. X-men meets Disney meets Shadow People.

Ms. Hahn does a wonderful job of building up characters and giving then enough background to really connect with them. She made the story even more relatable to this day in age by giving it a video game angle instead of super soldiers (which is typically over played).

I loved this trilogy, it was a bit of an emotional roller coaster. I even got a little teary eyed by the third book.

If your a fan of retellings, this trilogy needs to be added to your must read list.

I rated them 4 stars, I had to take one away due to poor editing.

  1. Lost Girl
  2. Lost Boy
  3. Lost Shadow