Splish! Splash! MEOW! Most cats hate water, but not Aqua Paws. He loves it! There’s just one problem: he’s terrified of crabs!

​Then Aqua Paws finds himself in a sticky situation, and the only one around to help is a crab. Can Aqua Paws push his feelings aside before it’s too late? Full of whimsical sea creatures beautifully illustrated by Stella Maris, Aqua Paws also warns of the dangers of ocean pollution. A story that your child will fall in love with, that helps teach a valuable lesson at the same time.

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*Interview with Patricia Allieri*

Patricia writes stories about the ocean, cats, and friendship. With beautiful illustrations and heartfelt characters, she aims to entertain and inspire readers to feel brave, adventurous, and appreciate the environment. Patricia’s memorable characters include Aqua Paws and Purple Beak with many more on the horizon. Her fiction picture book, AQUA PAWS, has subtle hints of pollution in our oceans and children can help by collecting the harmful trash. Patricia lives in Texas with her husband. She treasures time with her two grown daughters and her grand babies Tate (Tater-Tot) and Pierce. Her love of animals, the beach and the environment is undeniable.

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Will you be writing another book after Aqua Paws?

Yes. I have already started another book about six months ago. Aqua Paw will be their main character and included is his best friend, Purple Beak. I am adding a new character that is both their friends. Name is not known at this point. I am working on that. However, I have the plot all figured out and of course it will be them in the ocean again!

What was your job before becoming a self-published author?

I graduated from Concordia University Texas in Education, and worked as an elementary education in a public school district for fifteen years. I am still currently a substitute teacher/ grades K- 5. I also work part time from home as a customer service representative for a large retail company.

What is your favorite children’s picture book?

I have a lot of favorite picture books. I love all of them. However, currently, I love Itty-Bitty Kitty-Corn picture book. This is a series. Right now, they are working on launching book three. Of course, it’s about a kitty, which of course I love!

What is your dream job which involves books?

I would love to become a book seller or work with a publisher. No specific order. I just love books ‑ especially children’s books. I love the imagination that authors create in fiction. Your mind can just go above and beyond!

What is your writing process for new book ideas?

I think my writing process is planning. I like to think and develop ideas first. I want everything to just flow. However, sometimes you mind gets blank. I have in the past woken up in the middle of the night with a great idea for a book. So, I’ll write it down next to my bed. Sometimes my best ideas come from the middle of the night. I also write the ending first. Some people have not heard of this. But that’s me!


I enjoyed reading this short picture book with my children.

The illustrations are adorable. Children will love the bright, vibrant colors and the cute animal characters. My kids favorite animal is a cat, and the little cat in this book looks similar to ours, and they got a huge kick out of that!

The story has a deep impact while still being child friendly. While cute, it also teaches children the dangers of littering and pollution; ways it becomes dangerous and harmful to to animals.

Aqua Paws also teaches about overcoming fears and the prejudices one may have against others, in this instance a cat and a crab.

I love the included tips for how to keep our Oceans clean, as well as an upcycling/recycling craft at the end! My children are always looking for ways to help the environment and recycle, so this was an awesome bonus.

Aqua Paws is a great picture book to broach the topic of litter and pollution with your children. Not only does it teach children about taking care of the environment, but about friendship and unlikely companions.

We look forward to adding more work from this author to our homeschool library!

Title:  Aqua Paws

Author: Patricia Allieri

Category:  Children’s Fiction (ages 3 to 7), 39 pages

Genre:  Children’s Book

Publisher:  Aqua Kids Books

Release date:  Apr 4, 2023

Content Rating:  G – Suitable for everyone.

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