Teenage physics nerd, Aysel has a hard life; her mom winces at the reminder of her, classmates whisper behind her back, and a father whose crime the town won’t let her live down.

Since, she’s been obsessed with plotting her own death. The only problem is, she doesn’t think she can go through with it.

Enter Suicide Partners.

Here she meets another teen with a troubled past, Roman… AKA FrozenRobot.

Massive spoilers from here on out… you’ve been warned.

Trigger warnings:

  • Depression
  • Suicide
  • Murder/death
  • Mental health

Asyel’s father is depressed/bipolar, it doesn’t state exactly what but hints. One day he goes off the rails and beats a local teenager, headed to the Olympics, to death with a baseball bat, for knocking over displays in his store.

With this hanging over her head, everybody in town seemingly making it her crime. Worrying that she has the same evil inside her, Asyel starts plotting her suicide. But she’s worried she won’t go through with it, so she joins a site and find a suicide partner located in the next town over.

Roman “murdered” his little sister. Sort of. She had epilepsy, or seizures, and one night (April 7th) while he was fooling around with his girlfriend, his sister, Maddie, took a bath by herself. She ended up having a seizure in the tub and drowned.

He feels all this guilt for allowing this to happen. His therapist suggests things to his parents, one of which is taking his drivers license. So he joins Suicide Partners, leading him to Asyel, that way some one is there to drive him around and get close to his helicopter mom.

They plan to jump off a cliff into the Ohio river, on the one year anniversary of Maddie’s death. The more that they hang out, the more Asyel wants to live and the more she wants Roman to live.

Roman wants none of that and knows she is flaking out on their suicide pact. He takes matters into his own hands and tried to asphyxiate himself in the garage by running the car with the door closed, carbon monoxide poisoning.

His plan his thwarted by Asyel and his mom.

Asyel is angry because he tried killing himself without her, even though she decided she wasn’t going through with it. But she loves him and wants to be there for him.

In the end, they both live. Asyel will help Roman, and possibly seek help for herself. It’s not real concrete with that.

I rated the book two stars. You can definitely tell that it was the authors debut novel. I loved that it was about depression, you can really feel the characters depression and how it effects them. I, however, didn’t like the fact that there was romance in the book. Not every book need a romance. And despite what most YA books try to tell you, Love isn’t a cure all… even for depression.