Today we are very excited to host an interview with Helen Scheuerer, author of The Oremere Chronicles and the Curse of the Cyren Queen quartet, to help celebrate her upcoming novel Blood & Steel.

Perfect for fans of The Bridge Kingdom, From Blood and Ash and The Witcher, BLOOD & STEEL is an epic romantic fantasy with enemies-to-lovers, slow-burn spice, found family, and a sprawling world of magic and monsters.

With her death foretold, Althea Zoltaire only has three years to become what she’s always dreamed of being: a warrior legend. Women are forbidden to wield blades, so she has trained in secret her entire life. Now racing against the clock, she fights to secure her place in the elite guild charged with the protection of the five kingdoms.
The sparring and hazing of the new trainees border on deadly, but
even more dangerous is her growing attraction to Wilder Hawthorne, her unwilling warrior chaperone.
All around them, schemes are afoot and darkness looms. Will Althea pass the perilous initiation test and take her place as
a champion of Thezmarr – or will the invading evil snatch away her dream before it starts?
If you like fierce sword-wielding heroines and brooding, tortured heroes, you will devour this sexy, addictive fantasy adventure.

Blood & Steel is the gripping first book in the heart-pounding, epic romantic fantasy series, The Legends of Thezmarr.

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*Interview with Helen Scheuerer*

Helen Scheuerer is the fantasy author of the bestselling series, The Oremere Chronicles and the Curse of the Cyren Queen quartet. Her work has been highly praised for its strong, flawed female characters and its action-packed plots. Her books have often been likened to Sarah J Maas’ Throne of Glass series, and the epic #girlpower film, Wonderwoman.
Helen’s love of writing and books led her to pursue a Bachelor of Creative Writing, majoring at the University of Wollongong and a Masters of Publishing at the University of Sydney. Now a full-time author, Helen lives amidst the mountains in New Zealand and is constantly dreaming up new stories.

Connect with the author: Website ~ Facebook ~ Instagram ~ TikTok 

What is your favorite snack while writing?

I don’t generally snack while writing, but I drink countless cups of tea!

Playlist sample (top five songs) from your current WIP?

Man or a Monster by Sam Tinnesz, Zayde Wolf

Half Light by BANNERS

Lion by Sant Mesa

War of Hearts by Ruelle

Wolves by Sam Tinnesz, Silverberg

How long did it take you to write Blood & Steel?

The first draft took me something like 22 working days. I really sank into my strengths and the process I had refined over a number of years, so I was able to get it out quite quickly.

Revisions felt like they took longer but when I look back, it was about the same as well.

Who was your favorite character to write?

I’ve really enjoyed writing Wilder’s broody scenes, but also the lightness of Kipp’s comedic scenes. He always offers a breath of fresh air in an otherwise bleak place.

What was your favorite scene to write?

I loved writing the scene in The Laughing Fox with Thea, Cal and Kipp. It was so much fun and there we finally get to see all of Kipp’s mentions of the place pay off!

Would you and your main character get along?

I think so, we’re equally ambitious and driven. I love that Thea goes after what she wants in life and that’s something I always seek to do myself.

You connect your book series to one another in subtle ways, why?

This is something I have loved seeing other authors do, it’s so rewarding for the reader and I wanted to offer that to my super fans. It’s so fun when someone picks up on a breadcrumb I’ve left in one book that links to an entirely different series.

I always try to make sure it’s not vital information, but it’s just something nice for those readers who have followed me since the beginning or who go back and read my earlier work.

How do you celebrate when you finish a book?

Usually my partner and I open a nice bottle of wine and enjoy a home cooked meal.

Other times I give myself the afternoon off and read =]

What inspires you to keep writing?

Two things, I suppose! One, I keep getting ideas and there’s nothing more fun than when those ideas all link up into what you know will be an epic story!

The second thing… Well, it’s my job now! I’ve been writing full-time for over five years now and the fact is, if I don’t release books, I can’t pay my bills! Always a good motivator!

What advice would you give authors writing their first book?

Write what you love reading!

Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us!

We look forward to reading more amazing books from you.

Title: Blood & Steel
Series Title: The Legends of Thezmarr
Number of Books: 1 (of 4+)
Page Count: approx 550
Author: Helen Scheuerer
Publisher/Imprint: Alchemy
Genre: Epic romantic fantasy, dark fantasy
Formats: ebook, paperback, hardcover (audio TBC)
Audience: Suitable for adults (18+)

Head over to Helen’s website to download your FREE copy of An Alchemist’s Vow, the prequel novella to The Legends of Thezmarr, before the release of Blood & Steel on February 16, 2023.

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