I recently finished Horseman, book ten in the Nate Temple series, by Shayne Silvers. And wow, I think this is my new favorite in the Templeverse.



If you are unfamiliar with the series, its about this kick-ass wizard from St. Louis that happens to drink with Death, be bestfriends with a Werewolf, hang out in the Land of Fae, and some pretty other crazy things. I HIGHLY suggest you download the books, currently FREE with Amazon Kindle Unlimited. While you’re at it, check out all of Shayne’s books in the Templeverse.


Possible Spoilers ahead!








In Horseman, we continue our Story with Nate trying to get a handle on this King business as well figure out how to get Mordred back to Hell, whom he let out in the previous book Nine Souls.

Why is Mordred in St. Louis? What is his plan? Does he have nine souls or nine plus his? Will Nate embrace his Horseman Mantle, like the title suggests? How will Nate defeat this obviously strong foe?? But more importantly, where is Carl!?


I was on a roller coaster with this latest book. I was laughing uncontrollably at times, occasionally waking up my kids and getting weird stares from my husband (who is weird and doesn’t like to read). Other times, I was gripping my phone (or Kindle) dying to know what happened next.

Carl and his obviousness gets me every time, he is probably one of my favorite characters, and he’s gone home, where ever that may be, for a “short” time after singing this song that takes Nate down memory lane giving him these blackout headaches. Carl’s ridiculousness plus Nate and everyone else’s sass just has my giggling hysterically.

Then there is when Mordred is hurting Grimm.. I got a little teary eyed. Oh, and B and Alex. Beautiful relationship between them all that gets me Every. Single. Time.

I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see when Nate would don his Horseman’s mask and become the “fifth” rider, so to speak. I was devastated when all signs pointed to him killing the original Horsemen of the Apocalypse all because he finally became the next rider. Now he has to find another three riders in order to save them!? How is the Rider of Hope different from the biblical riders?

And where the Hell is Mordred going for three weeks? What answers will Nate get in the Land of the Fae? So many questions answered, but so many more brought up.

And then it just ended!


Like I said, probably my new favorite in the series. I rated it five stars. I eagerly await the next in the series. And am hoping that Netflix decides to pick this up!


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