‘You saved one girl, Papa,’ Petra said. ‘Just one girl. The rest are living in the alleys. Starving, freezing, no clothes and with no hope whatsoever.’
‘I still don’t understand why this is bothering you so much?’ Ernest said.
Petra turned her head and stared out of the window.

A privileged woman who knows little of the real world gets thrown deep into the underbelly of the town of Fairacre. A town ruled by men.

A story of discovery and determination, Petra and the Sewer Rats is a tale of a young woman who dares disobey the town’s rules to save its unwanted orphans. Will Petra’s father, Ernest, still love her? Will her best friend, Nat, stay by her side? Or will they abandon her when she needs them most?


Petra and the Sewer Rats: A Juno and the Lady Novella is part of the Acre series by author G.J. Kemp. This was a fantastic, suspenseful short story that gives us a glimpse into Petra’s life before we meet Juno.

So far, this is my favorite story in the series. I’m unsure if it’s because the author already had a base point for the story, but it seemed a bit more developed. Being a fan of novellas and prequels that give insight into other characters, or main characters past lives, this was great.

Petra and the Sewer Rats gives us a good look at the Fairacre background, as well as Petra’s. Without giving away too much of either story, we find out that Petra had actually founded the Sewer Rats (hints the title) and made it her mission to help young girls get off the streets, after touring the town she had grown up in but never really saw.

This is a dangerous job, as women in Fairacre have no rights, at all. They are essentially property. Made even more dangerous as Petra’s father promised her to another man, Dante. Petra went from being this young wealthy woman being treated decently, to seeing how women in her hometown are actually treated, to living in the sewers. She wasn’t frightened of the repercussions. She is a strong, smart, feisty character.

I would love to see more information on Naomi and some of the other important characters. G. J. Kemp has a way of writing these characters that draw us in. I cannot wait for more from this series!

I gave Petra and the Sewer Rats four stars.

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